Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday Doings

Yesterday was a great day to work outside.It was cool enough to put on a sweatshirt,but once you got working and warmed up,you had to take the sweatshirt off...until you stopped working long enough to cool down,then you had to put it back on again. Perfect! I love when all of us are working outside.Even if we are working on different chores,it's all for the same goal... in this case,getting ready for winter.

Zach was a big help.He cleaned out the bed of Rick's truck,then helped me in the garden. He pulled the tomato plants while I pulled up the nubbins left from the corn stalks getting cut down.My green beans also went bye bye. I did leave my carrots and onions,though. The carrots I will grow through the winter and I will just cover them the hay (though I don't have enough to last through winter). While Zach was pulling up the tomatoes,he stopped,and asked me,"Doesn't it suck to have all your hard work just yanked up?"  "Yes," I replied. What we didn't give to the chickens and turkeys,we dumped into the compost pile. At least it will give back in the form of black gold!

After Zach helped me,he helped Rick make some kindling and he emptied out the water barrels. They  need to be given a good cleaning and put away for the winter.

Making kindling

Bringing the kindling into the mudroom

Our poor garden.You can see the carrots and onions nice and green in the back.Corn stalks are drying out from all the rain we had this week so I can bundle them to make more decorations

Our water barrels being drained

Sugar pumpkin

Our wagon waiting for mums,hay,and pumpkins amid fallen leaves

The turkeys were watching us clean the garden beds.......

.......The girls were not as interested,however

 Rick resting with his little buddy,Smokey

Moxie and Little O taking a snooze.It's tiring being a cat! :)


  1. you guys are awesome!

    i love your narrative and pictures!

    yeah, cats have the "hard life" - ours our always sleeping after, well, whatever cats do ;-)

  2. what a great sunday and my oh my - did you guys ever get a lot of work done! i loove the pic of Rick resting with his little buddy! actually - i love all the pics!

    good for you Donna!

    your friend,

  3. Always love stopping by your blog :]

  4. Thank you for the comments,folks!! :) I appreciate the support!