Monday, November 7, 2011

The Plague Part 2

Thank you old friends (and new!) for wishing that I get better soon. Saturday I slept most of the day. Yesterday I slept half the day and I had a fever of 100.2. This AM it's down to 100,so I guess I am getting there.I still have aches,scratchy throat,cough,and my headbone feels like it's on another planet. I had a horrible time sleeping last night,and I think it was a combo of the caffeine in the Excedrin Migraine I took around 7:00 PM ( had a horrible,shooting pain from my neck to my temples) and  the body aches I was having.Finally, around 2:30 AM,I fell asleep,but it was a rather fitful sleep.

Today I am at trying to sit up for a while (hence,blogging). I am enjoying English muffins with homemade strawberry jam and a nice cup of coffee.(We have to drink 1/2 decaf because of Rick)Yesterday my appetite was not very good,so I wound up nibbling a few times throughout the day. Last night I did enjoy some fresh scrambled eggs and a couple pieces of toast with ginger ale. Needless to say, I did miss my Breakfast Date with My Dear Friend Michelle :(

Our cat Moxie kept me company for most of the day yesterday,and Little O enjoyed sleeping on the cable box because it's nice and warm. Sasha,our little chocolate lab,curled up with me for a while. Zach, bless his heart,came in last night to wish me good night,but he kept his distance "I would give you a hug and a kiss Mumma,but I don't want to get sick." So he gave the air a hug and blew me a good night kiss.

Rick does not like it when I am sick. He says he feels helpless,since there is nothing he can do. It stinks when loved ones are sick,because all you can is wait it out.

It looks like a beautiful day out there today.Hopefully in a few days I will be up to snuff and  will be able to get my Halloween decorations down,and I can make my pumpkin puree from our sugar pumpkins.

Enjoy your day!


  1. take as much time to get better as you need Donna. you will be no good to anyone, including yourself if you rush your getting better. i am glad to hear that your appetite is coming back. keep nibbling. lots of fresh fruit and veggies. and of course - chicken soup!

    i hope this passes quickly for you. i hate being sick too!

    your friend,

  2. Get plenty of rest and hopefully you'll be raring to go soon enough :D