Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Plague

Well, after a week of my body fighting something,it has finally succumbed.  I just didn't feel right,but nothing full blown came out of it,until yesterday.

I have the plague.

Headache,sore throat,achy body,stomach feeling rather on the funky side,cough...yep,I have it.I am suppose to meet My Dear Friend Michelle for breakfast tomorrow. I hope I will feel better by then. I enjoy our girl time. She,like me,lives in a house of testosterone.The only difference is,where I have two adult males and one young'un,she has two young'uns and one adult male.

Today is the day for nighttime cold medicine and bed to try and shake it off. I don't like not feeling well.I always feel like I let my family down. The house is still in somewhat of a messy state from all the work this past week. I guess it will have to sit yet another day.

I will be a good dobee and wash the dishes,at least. Then I am going to guzzle some nighttime cold medicine and call it a day.

Enjoy your day on this lovely planet,where ever you may be!!!


  1. Sorry, get well soon. It's spreading, many here in North Florida are sick too.

  2. I had the creeping crud as well. Although I tried everything over the counter, 3 days of not getting the couch off my back worked best!

  3. Forgot to say I hope you feel better real soon and hope you feel up to the outing with your friend.

  4. Donna - take as much rest as you need. and please get better my friend! really!

    and thank you for your sweet comment on my post today. i sooo appreciated it! now go and get better!

    your friend,