Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy Bees

I am feeling much,much better now. Thanks to all for bearing with me on Friday :) Note to self: when news stories hit that are very emotional and close to home,do not go on the Internet and read comments on these stories because I will get very angry and work myself up into a tizzy and that does nobody,especially myself,any good.

Zach has been a busy bee this past week. Monday,we had our Scout meeting.Wednesday,was Patrol Leader Conference ( the boy leaders of the troop meet and plan future meetings),Thursday was the Order Of the Arrow meeting ( basically honor society for Boy Scouts),Saturday he helped run a Girl Scout Pinewood Derby,and Sunday we all worked at our Model Train Show fundraiser. It was small,as we only had one group train owners come,but this is our first year.Hopefully next year we will have more set ups,and more vendors. We also had a silent auction with lots of great donations. I took some photos while we were setting up and I picked out a couple.

This went around in one big rectangle,with many different sections and set ups-tunnels,etc.

The boys checking out how it's set up and run. You can see Rick on the left with his sunglasses on.He has to wear them in certain lighting because the light hurts his eyes. Fluorescent and bright sunlight are the worst!

Rick and Zach this past weekend also did a bit more work outside in the treeline,taking down saplings and clearing out the area. We decided to put the compost bins next to the turkey cage. This way,they are across from the garden,and more hidden from view. Our Tom is getting mighty protective of his two females. He went after Rick a couple of times. Time to make some ground turkey out of him,I think! 

Yesterday Brother Dale came up for a visit,and The Menfolk all went out to the shooting pit down the road. Zach apparently was on a streak,because he nailed not only a Copenhagen can at 50 yards with a 22 at first shot,he also hit an old potato off the top of a bottle with a .45,and drove two bullets through a tin can with a .45. A chip off the old block! Rick said,"My boy did me proud."

I cleaned out my garden beds and let The Girls wander around the yard. I love to watch them scratch at the leaves,but I wasn't happy when the leaves went back in to my cleaned beds! When they started to wander too far,I called them back-and they actually came back in my direction. Then,when it was time to go back into the pen,I walked behind them,waving my arms,saying,"Come on,ladies,time to go back home,"and they all went back to the pen and walked back in. I thought that was really cool...and it will probably never happen again! LOL!!! Usually they give me a run for my money!

Today the weather is going to be in the upper 80's-crazy for this time of year. Gorgeous day,though!! Our drought does,unfortunately, continue. It makes me very glad that we no longer depend on our dug well. We would be in trouble if we had to use it,I think.

Hope you have a fabulous day on this fabulous planet!!!!

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