Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's Still On My Needles

Back in late fall or early winter, I posted "What's On My Needles." It was a Friendship Shawl that I was attempting to crochet.However,I still had the second sock out of the pair for Brother B that I had to knit,so I abandoned the shawl and knitted his sock. I finally finished it about two weeks ago.Brother B was mighty happy that he had an actual pair of socks a year after the first one was done :)

Now I am determined to not let anything side track me for finishing the shawl. I really want to start making an afghan,but I will not start until this project is finished.

Being new to crocheting,I made mistakes. Sometimes reading the instructions was like reading a foreign language. This is what the shawl looked like on that first posting:

See how heavy and wavy the edging looks? Imagine it about four more inches long.Not only was it getting very heavy,it was taking me over an hour just to do one row! Well, I finally figured out why. The description for making shells was a 5 DC in a 3 chain space.I thought that meant 5 DC's in EACH chain space,making 15 DC's in a small space of three chains. 

When I sat back down last week to finally finish this shawl,I reread the instructions,looked at the picture of what it's suppose to look like,and unraveled the edging. A light bulb went off in my head. Of course!! The shell is 5 DC in a 3 chain space...meaning,one shell in the 3 chain space. I split it up as 2 DC's in the first chain,1 DC in the second,and 2 in the third chain. It looked much better and I could zip through the rows much faster. I finally finished the first half:

Looks more like a shawl,doesn't it? And it actually looks like the photo! Amazing how sometimes we get stuck in the wrong pattern,but then the right pattern just clicks! Much like life :)

If you knit or crochet,what's on your needles? 

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