Thursday, April 19, 2012

Plugging Away

The weather here had continued to be gorgeous,and very dry. Monday and Tuesday we were in the upper 80's! We have had a passing shower here and there,but that was it. This weekend rain is in the forecast,which I am very happy about. We really need it. 

This past week,Rick has continued working on the tree line,and has taken some time to go fishing each day. He goes fishing early,then works for a few hours outside. I have FINALLY(!) finished my shawl. I will post a photo of it tomorrow. Yesterday I made some more laundry soap and the other day I cleaned out my garden beds. I had to restart my oregano,as it never took off,and I only got half of the tomato plants. Broccoli is coming along well,and the basil hasn't sprouted yet. This coming Sunday I am going to start my cukes and pumpkins. The rest of the garden will be sowed outside,but I don' t dare do so yet. The weather is so abnormal for us-we could still get a heavy frost into May. The way things look,it is highly unlikely,but I am not taking any chances. The leaves are already out on the trees,forsythia is in bloom...this whole Spring is way ahead of schedule.

The tree line is coming along nicely. We decided to move where the compost was going to go-we are going to put it by the turkey cage instead. It will be a bit more out of view,and a straight shot to the garden. Plus,our pool gets put right in front of where we were originally going to put the compost. We are going to put some grass down,maybe make a little seating area with some flowers or such.

Remember where the big compost pile started? Look how clean it is now! The sand in the foreground is where we put our pool:

Another view:

Rick has been clearing out some saplings.This will help with getting more sunlight in the area,as well as getting the area clear. There are some nubbins from the saplings that he has to cut down to the quick or yank out so we can put the compost bins in and be able to get the tractor in and out:
You can see the what is the back wall of the compost bins. We used the pallets that are still good. We are going to put some supports in the back just in case,and will build walls so we will have three bins.

I can't wait for this to be finished. I have put off raking because I didn't think it made sense to rake all leaves,put them in the pile,just to have to move them all over again. I wanted to wait until the bins were finished,which they should be today.
We have finally set the wheel in motion again on the kitchen. We have picked out our counter top,and Tuesday we had a local gentleman come in to see if he could rework out cabinet to fit the apron sink,otherwise,we would have buy a new cabinet. He says he can rework it,but we will need smaller doors. That's no problem,I can always used curtains if need be.He will attach our new cabinet,and install the sink. We are getting a quartz counter top from our local Middleton Lumber,and they will come in and install the counter top. Then we can finish the kitchen,I can't wait!!!

Have a fabulous day on this fabulous planet,where ever you live!!!!

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