Monday, February 4, 2013

Glazed Turkey Burgers

I am always on the lookout for new recipes,since it seems we always eat the same thing. We try to keep our beef consumption at a minimum,since we adults no longer seem to be able to digest it was we once were able to do. Instead,we mostly eat chicken,fish,turkey,and pork.

The other day,I was looking at recipes in the standard red plaid "Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook." I found a recipe in the Grilling section called Glazed Turkey Burgers,and thought it sounded good enough to give it a shot.Whenever we try new meals,we vote on whether it's a "keeper" or not. It was unanimous-it's a keeper.

If you have the new Better Homes and Gardens cookbook,it's on page 336 in the Grilling section. You won't be disappointed.

In this recipe,I used cherry preserves. I would've used the snipped cherries,but I couldn't find them at the time. We are going to make this again this week,and I am going to try it with snipped cherries,even if I have to go to different supermarket to find them. it was way too cold to grill outside,so we cooked them in an electric skillet. I ate mine with mayo,lettuce,and tomato,and it was delicious! Zach had Ranch dressing and american cheese,and he loved it. We are doubling the recipe so we can have two apiece instead of one!!


                                            Glazed Turkey Burgers
-1 tablespoon yellow mustard
-1 tablespoon cherry,apricot,peach,or pineapple preserves
-1 egg,beaten
-1/4 cup quick cooking rolled oats (I used Gluten Free Bob's Mill)
-1/4 cup finely chopped celery
-3 tablespoons snipped dried tart cherries,or dried apricots (optional)
-1/4 teaspoon salt
-1/8 teaspoon black pepper
-1 lb uncooked ground turkey ( or chicken)
-4 kaiser rolls or hamburger buns,split and toasted
-Mayo,or salad dressing,lettuce,and/or tomato slices (optional)

For glaze,in a small bowl stir together mustard and preserves,set aside.In a medium bowl combine egg,rolled oats,celery,dried cherries (if desired),salt,and pepper.Add ground turkey;mix well. Shape turkey mixture into four 3/4 inch patties.

For charcoal grill,grill patties on the rack uncovered directly over medium coals for 14-18 minutes or until no longer pink (165 degrees),turning once halfway through grilling and brushing with glaze during the last minute of grilling. (For a gas grill,preheat grill,reduce heat to medium.Place patties on grill rack over heat. Cook and grill as above).

Serve burgers on buns.Brush any remaining glaze onto burgers. If desired,serve burgers with mayo,lettuce,and tomato.

Makes four servings.

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!!


  1. I think you could substitute dried cranberries for the cherries or apricots. And, it would make a nice loaf, too.

    1. Yes! A great alternative to regular meatloaf. Good idea!