Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well,That Was A Lot Of Snow!

As most of you heard,we had a heck of snowstorm last Friday into Saturday.Most of the heavy snow occurred while we were sleeping. We did have some heavy winds,but we were fortunate,unlike our neighbors to the south. I don't believe that NH had any power outages,and if there were any,there were very few. It was much colder up here than say,down in MA or CT,so our snow was light and fluffy. They had heavier snow which added to their problems.

Zach's school cancelled for the day Friday,which was good. The roads were not good during the morning,and the weather really deteriorated shortly after 2:00 PM. People were advised to stay off the roads.The winds picked up,and the snow started coming in heavier bands. I am sure that we had times where we had 1'-2' of snow an hour. By the time  Saturday morning rolled around,we had close to 30" of snow.

I thought I would share some photos with you:

Here I caught a great moment. Zach had gone out early in the afternoon to try and get a start on the deck cleaning. Rick and I were in the doorway watching him,and Rick said to me,"Watch what he does." Rick proceeded to lift his shirt and press his chest against the window calling, "Zach...Oh Zach..." The minute Zach turned, I snapped this picture. He said,"What the heck...that is wrong!!!" Rick is always pulling pranks.

This photo was taken a while later,when the heavier bands started going through. You can see the difference between this photo and the photo above:

I liked the way the lights on the deck looked in the storm.It's impossible to see the snow falling,but it was really pretty:

When we woke up,it was still snowing heavily,and we had quite a bit of snow. We had a big old mound on the deck:

A big old snowdrift right outside our bedroom window:

Our neighbors shoveled out a bit before we can see our driveway to the left of the picture is still snow filled:

A nice thing was that neighbors were helping neighbors. Our neighbor (who actually lives on another road) came by and plowed out Avon Lane for us. Our neighbor,Mike,who lives diagonally from us came over and helped Rick attack our driveway:

When Zach tried to shovel the deck off,he slipped and landed on his butt in the snow mound. Again, I was in the right place at the right time for the photo:

He was able to struggle to his feet and finish the job!!

The weather for the rest of the week is going to give us above normal temps,and we are already seeing the snow melt,thankfully.

Didn't the Groundhog say it was suppose to be an early Spring???

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!!


  1. I enjoyed your pictures. I have only seen snow like that once in my life--blizzard of 1993 that covered the South. It lasted a week. I could not exit my front door. But, it took a week for it to go away.

  2. Replies
    1. One does not see a whole lot of snow down in Alabama:) That must have been bizarre!

  3. What wonderful pictures. The prank Rick pulled is funny because the look on Zack's face is great lol We got a beautiful "dusting" again compared to your snowfall. There is something so magical about snow, it is so beautiful. I will try to get some pictures up later of our little dusting :) I'm so glad you shared yours. The photo with the deck lights on at night is so beautiful! Hugs