Friday, February 8, 2013

Here Comes Nemo!

We are here in the beginning throes for what could be the biggest snowstorm in years. It started snowing very early this AM,a light flurry.In the just the last couple of hours,it has started snowing heavier and at a more steady pace. You can't really see the snow coming down in the photo,but this is what things look like right now:

Last night we got a call from the Farmington school district saying there would be no school today,much to Zach's delight! It was a smart move. Rick had a physical at the VA Outpatient Center in Somersworth today,but he cancelled it, It wasn't until 2:30,and according to the weatherman,around 3:00 is when things are really going to start going downhill fast. Many businesses are closing early so their workers can get home before the bad stuff hits. No one wants a repeat of the Blizzard of '78-the worst of the storm hit during rush hour,and many motorists were stranded on highways,like in this photo from MA:

Thankfully,the worst is not suppose to hit until nighttime,when we could see as much as 3" of snow an hour,but one never knows in New England. There are blizzard alerts,as the wind may get up to 60 mph +. There could be bad coastal damage because they will get the brunt of the wind,since it's coming off the ocean,and the tide is going to be higher than usual. All told,there are areas that could see 3 ft of snow.

I was 10 when the Blizzard of 78 hit,and I remember missing a few days of school.In my mind,it was a whole week,but maybe not. The snowdrifts were TALL! My friend and I made all kinds of forts and tunnels in the snowdrifts. I told Rick if they were big enough I might have a childhood flash back and make some tunnels and forts just for fun and fresh air! :)

We are all set here,though. We have plenty of wood,food and water. We don't have to go anywhere. The Girls are cozy -Rick made sure they had extra food and water,as well as extra hay and wood shavings on the floor of their coop and in their nesting boxes. The snow blower is filled up and ready to go. If we lose power,we have a propane grill and a two burner to cook,plenty of water to flush the toilet,and the kerosene lamps are filled to the brim. Flashlights have batteries,and candles are on standby.

It's a good day to read "The Long Winter."

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet,where ever you are...and stay warm and safe!!!

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  1. We were on the upper edge of the topmost of the two storms that are now ringing your doorbell. It finally stopped snowing after midnight today. I was at my daughter's, and this was the second time (in a row) that I was socked in by snow and had to stay an extra day.

    We shoveled three times yesterday to keep ahead of the stuff. This morning the top was wetter snow that had frozen and crusted over everything. Long and slippery drive home today, but happy to find that the power outages were much further south than me. You guys are getting the worst of both storms.

    Hang tight, eat chocolate.