Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lavender Here,Lavender There,Lavender Everywhere

Last year, I planted my first lavender plants. I have them under my bedroom window,in a nice,sunny spot.If memory serves, I planted "Provence". I had planted them in between two hot pink Azalea bushes. I had to move the bushes over this year, because the lavender has spread a bit. I was very excited when my first blooms came in-I intended to make soap with them. For some reason,the lavender soap with buds never came to pass, but I did make some lavender bottles and some sachets.
Lavender bottles are neat. Cut about 13-14 lavender stems,with blossoms. The stems should be at least twice as long as the length of the flowers. Let them wilt until they are flexible. Tie in a bunch,with 12" thin ribbon or twine ( depending on how pretty or rustic you want- I used twine,since I had had no ribbon in the house),fastened just below the flower heads. Take one end of the ribbon or string and wind it clockwise around the flowers,ending at the top. Take the other string and wrap it counterclockwise around the flowers. You should only have to go around the flowers about 2 or 3 times. Tie the ends of the ribbon or string together,and trim the excess. Bend each stem up past the top of the flower heads.Tie the stems together,and cut them stems evenly. Hang to dry. Though lavender keeps it's scent a long time, you can freshen it up with some lavender essential oil. You can keep these hanging in your home, or use them as a sachet.
Sachets are pretty easy. I cut the stems with blossoms,and just cut the leaves and blossoms into pieces. The leaves have a nice smell, too,don't forget! I set them out to dry,then put them in a pretty mesh sachet bag. These bags are available at any craft or department store. Again, after a while,the scent might need refreshing, so you can use some lavender essential oil.
This year I am going to try some lavender tea and lavender cookies. I will let you know how that pans out.
There is nothing more soothing than the scent of lavender. I love it. I love to walk by my plants and just run smell them. I even run my hands over them so I can just smell the scent on my hands. So far I don't have any blossoms, but the time is nearing, I have a lot of buds this year.
I have been reading more about the medicinal uses for lavender. I am very interested in learning more about herbal remedies in general,especially since I suffer from migraines. I take my Excedrin Migraine,which works ( for the most part) but I would like to learn about more natural,healthy methods to get rid of them.
I apologize for not having any photos-I can't find the charger for my digital camera battery. I may have to bite the bullet and buy a new camera. I look upon that as an investment,since we take alot of pictures!

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