Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Grow,Some Don't

My garden is coming along OK. Our corn is growing like crazy,as well as our zucchini and carrots. Our tomatoes aren't doing that well,nor our peppers ( I know, we were suppose to start them indoors,but we didn't. We figured we would give it a try anyway). Our cucumbers which did start as plants, didn't take either. Our green beans only sprouted one plant out of the two rows we planted.
Our soil is very rocky. I rototilled it,raked out as many rocks as possible,and we mixed some nice dark,rich compost soil that we have adding to for five years into it. All our yard clippings,chicken and turkey poop have gone into this pile,and this was the first year we used it.
We have tried liquid plant food this year to see if that will help. The corn cetainly loves it!
We are using yard clippings in between the garden rows to keep down the weeds,and it seems to have worked fairly well.
Today I bought a new digital camera,so I will be able to take pictures to show you what my garden looks like. It's not very big,but this is the first year in a few that we have done a garden. We are planning on doing a bigger one next year.

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