Monday, June 22, 2009

Yesterday was a fairly quiet Father's Day. My mom came up to the house to see how we remodeled Zach's room. Zach wanted it painted red,so we did that,put down laminate floors,new mopboards,new molding around the door,and Rick built a new closet. We had a nice visit. Zach made Rick a Father's Day card,and tied it to the back of our youngest cat,Omar. So the card was made special feline delivery. Rick and I though that was pretty funny!
Today we had to go to the Veteran's Hospital in Jamacia Plain,MA. Rick had some tests done a couple of weeks ago on his eyes. When he got home from Iraq,he was having some problem with distance,things looked out of focus. He also had some sensitivity to light. He got glasses,and that seemed to help with his sight. Then after he had a stroke last August, he started seeing things double. He explains it like seeing in 3D. Things are not double side by side.He looks at an object,and sees 1 1/3 of it.So he has been seeing alot of eye doctors to figure out why he sees like this,and why it's in both eyes instead of one. Apparently,the lenses is Rick's eyes are slightly misshapen. They feel it may have been caused initially by the RPG attack he was in,then the stroke made it worse. They have not confirmed this yet,though. He has to try some eye drops to make the pupils smaller (the abnormalities on his lenses are more pronounced when his eyes are dilated). If that doesn't work,they may do what is basically a cataract operation-removest his lenses and replace them with plastic ones. So we will see!Hopefully the drops will work.
We will be going on a camping trip to the beautiful Great North Woods of NH until Friday,so I won't be blogging until sometime over the weekend. Hopefully there won't be much rain up there!

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