Saturday, June 20, 2009

Make Hay While the Sun Shines ( Or At Least,While It Doesn't Rain)

Those of us in the eastern part of the country have about had it with all the rain we have been getting over the last week or two,and my family is not any different. When you have a garden to tend,lawn to mow and weed wack, as well as a few piles ofwood to stack and split for the winter,you really need a day ( or two,or three) of uninterrupted sunshine to work on things so you dont' fall too far behind.
Today,so far there is no rain. So we went out and worked on as much as we could until the humidity got to us. Rick mowed the lawn and weed wacked,and I hoed the garden. Now, I know in my previous post that I thought we had found the solution to getting rid of weeds on the pathway inbetween the rows. That didn't quite work out as well as we initially thought. When Rick laid down the clippings,we didn't weed first. Our thought was that the clippings would smother what was there and prevent any more growth. Well, either we were way off base on that,or the clippings still had some active seeds in them,because our walkways were quite covered with a combo of clippings and weeds. With the rain we have been getting of late,you can imagine how it looked. So I took my trusty hoe and hoed the offenders into submission (until the next time I have to do it).
Now it is cloudy again and the forecast calls for more rain later. Sigh.

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