Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bathroom Dilemna

There has not been too much going on here,I must confess,which is why I haven't posted much this week. Each day seems to be a repeat of the next,and no one needs to hear that. One thing we did do was start to gear up for our bathroom remodel. My dream was to have a clawfoot tub with a hand held shower and a standing shower.I envisioned nice,leisurely soaks with candles and soft music. Even though I have only used our tub once,I just knew that with the tub of dreams I would bathe all the time! Well,after seeing the costs,I couldn't justify it. Then I thought a whirlpool tub would be lovely. Until I learned we would need more electrical installed. Maybe we should get a brand new regular old shower/tub combo,like we have now.Then Rick mentioned just getting a nice, big shower stall. My bone of contention is if we ever want to sell the house,wouldn't just having a shower be a negative?  So now I am back to square one: a nice big shower ,or a tub/shower combo? My goal is to create more room in the bathroom.

We are going to get a new toilet,one that isn't so low,and we are getting rid of our cabinet sink for a pedestal sink,so it takes up less room. The floor is getting ripped out,new sub flooring put in,and a hexagonal black and white tile is getting put in. New dry wall is going up as well,plus a medicine cabinet ( we only have a mirror now),new light fixtures,ceiling light/fan,and all new trim. Plus new paint and  new storage.

It's tricky when one lives in a small house. Things take extra planning,because you want the space to be used to it's full potential,and storage is very important. My brain swims from trying to figure it all out!

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  1. I think I'd go for the combo. IN the Uk we had a small bathroom, so the shower went over the bath, it's was a power shower, so electric powered. Rather than use shower curtains that have a nasty habit of wrapping thenselves around you when you shower, we went fof folding shower panels. One each side of the bath, one against the wall and that protected the window and the other so that the floor didn't get wet. The best thing about them was that they concertina folded flat, so ti gave the illusion of space. The thing with small bathrooms is they are alwyas going to be small, so you just have to create the iluusion that it's bigger.