Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy 144th Birthday!!!!!

One hundred and forty four years ago in a little log cabin in the Big Woods of Wisconsin,a  girl named Laura Elizabeth Ingalls was born. No one on that February day could have foreseen that she would be become one of the most beloved authors of all time...or that her family would become synonymous with the pioneer movement.

I was a little girl just entering first grade in the Fall of 1974. I had never heard of Little House. Then, lo and behold,the pilot for the TV series aired,and the series picked up,and Monday nights at 8:00 PM were for "Little House On The Prairie." I finally read "Little House In The Big Woods" in second grade,thanks to my teacher,Mrs Whittier,who thought I would like the series. Having been introduced at first to the television show,I didn't instantly like the book version. But shortly, I changed my mind. Then in third grade,I received the whole series from my brother Valmore and his then wife,Margo. They were the famous yellow set,with the lovely Garth Williams illustrations. I read and re-read them. Life in the 1800's had a strange, almost romantic quality. It was a lot of hard work,but families were close. I liked that notion. I also thought it was cool that Laura was born in 1867,and I was born in 1967! A hundred years apart! That had to mean something,didn't it?

Now that I will be 44 in November,I still love Little House. I had to throw out my precious Yellow Series about four years ago because they were beyond repair. The book spines were ripped,and "These Happy Golden Years" had finally split in three pieces (after my attempt in 6th grade to use tape to hold the book together when it became two pieces).Never fear,though,I bought a newer set,which Zach has enjoyed. I know some folks out there don't quite understand how a grown woman could still love and read books meant for young people. My response is if they don't get it,they never will. There's no use in trying to explain it.

So...Happy 144 Laura! Those of us who are fans thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

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  1. I do! I understand! I reposted a blog about it today!