Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spelling Bee Champion!

Yesterday,Zachary was in his school spelling bee. He was up against 8 other 7th and 8th graders. There were about 5 rounds...and he won!!!

His winning word:feverishly. He  gets a one year on line subscription to learn a foreign language,and an on line subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica for a  year as well. Zach has decided to learn French.

His next step is going to the regional in early March.The state is divided into nine regions for the spelling bee. He is in the Rochester region,and will be spelling against 25 other students from 25 other schools. Each region will have 2 representatives (I believe I read that right) that will go to the state bee. The winner of the state bee goes to the national bee.

He is very excited,and we are very proud! Below are a couple of photos-for some reason they did not download in the order they should,so the end is first. Sorry!

Principal Mr. Woodward,Zach,and Zach's Language Arts teacher,Mrs.Manter

                                               The last three spellers...

Today Zach is having an early release because we are having a snowstorm. Today we are suppose to get 3"-6",but tomorrow is going to be the Big One. We are going to get hit with 12"-16". So we could get 2 feet of snow or more. Needless to say,I don't think that Zach will have school tomorrow-especially if  we get 1"-2" an hour like they are predicting. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day,so hopefully the Groundhog won't see his shadow so we will get an early Spring!