Friday, February 25, 2011

Mother -Son Time

I have really been remiss in my posting,and I apologize. This time of the year there really isn't too much going on.

Yesterday,though,Zach and I delved into decluttering his bedroom. We were able to get rid of VCR tapes,old books,most of  his Legos,and assorted toys he hasn't touched in a long time.I didn't realize how much little stuff he had. It was crazy. We have everything that was in decent shape boxed up and ready to be donated.

Today we are going to organize his closet. I am sure there are clothes that no longer fit,or that he no longer likes. Each fall we go through his clothes to see what he needs for school,and if shirts have stains on them or the pants are a wee bit too short,we save those for "bang around" clothes. However,he is now growing so fast that I think even some of the play clothes may be way to small.

I am very proud of him. He wanted to keep a lot of things,but after I asked him things like," Are you really going to watch this again? " "When is the last time you actually used it?" he realized he  didn't need these things after all.

Today we have a snowstorm going on. We are projected to get anywhere from 6"-12" . So far we have 5"-6".The snow is heavy,so some power outages have been reported. I am really over the snow now,but if one lives in New Hampshire,one gets used to snow up until May sometimes! There is nothing we can do about it,so we just deal with it.

I can't remember if I mentioned this,but Rick,Brother B and I are all on the 17 Day Diet. We saw it on Dr Phil,and it sounded like it might be worth a shot. We started a week ago Wednesday,and so far I have lost 7 lbs in 8 days. Last time Rick weighed himself a few days ago he had lost 8 lbs. Brother B is not weighing himself. But he has noticed a change. So far, so good.

The wind is picking up. Hopefully we won't lose power. If we do,that's fine,I have a good book and some knitting I can do.

My thoughts go out to the folks in New Zealand who are dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake.

I hope all is happy and peaceful in your little corner of the world!

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  1. I'm sorry! And you are??? ;-D Just kidding!
    Don't chuck out the Lego!! Keep it boxed away for when yer a granny!!