Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Here they mitten knitting project. These are not my first attempt. My first  was with black yarn,and I only got halfway through one mitten. It came out awful,so I took a break. I made these with four double ended needles. There were two areas which I had a bit of problem with-attaching the thumbs to the hands and making sure that when I was starting a new needle that I kept the old needle and the new one close together so the stitches in between would not be stretched out,creating a gap. The thumb was an issue because I had to figure out the right stitches to pick up,then knit. Practice makes perfect,and I still have much practicing to do to make perfect!

This mitten pattern was from the book,"Very Easy Circular Knits",by Betty Barnden.It begins from the cuff and works it way down to the fingers. Right now I am working on a pair of  socks (again). After I got aggravated with my first try at mittens I moved on to socks,and wound up with a pair that came out one too big,the other just right but I didn't close up the toe right on that one. So I am attempting it again.

I never thought that I would enjoy knitting as much as I do! It can be very frustrating,but very satisfying as well.

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