Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Technology

Well,the technology is new to us! Yesterday we had high speed Internet installed. I resisted for a very long time,because I did not want to spend more money. However,after having dial up take up to half and hour to download photos to the blog,and trying to download ITunes for 6 hours with no success,I had it. I have spent lots of time,mostly unnecessary time,on this computer. I had to free myself and my family!

What a difference! Photos just take a mere few seconds.ITunes downloaded in minutes.

The Little Yellow Farm has come into the 21st century!

Today we are having light snow and it's chilly. Rick is not feeling well,and Brother B is manning the sap boiling production. We did not do any boiling yesterday.We were too involved in changing emails,transferring favorites over,and watching UTube videos! I forgot to mention that we also now have digital and HD channels on our TV,so we were figuring out all the new channels,how On Demand works,etc. ( What a hoot to see an episode of "Match Game '75"!!!!)

Brother B just came in and reported that he gathered 22 gallons of syrup.So we have now gathered 55 gallons in all. Since we didnt' boil yesterday,we still have 15 gallons to boil down before we get to the 22 gallons! I feel bad for Brother B,because he has to stay outside (mostly) to keep an eye on the burner and the sap. Bless his sap boiling heart!!

Tomorrow I start my herb and Green Pepper seeds. I will post some photos of the set up. Now I am off to start my housework.

Have a lovely day!

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