Sunday, March 13, 2011

Garden Planning

Yesterday Rick and I sat down to try and figure out what we would grow,and how much . It took about an hour. I referenced our square foot gardening graphs from last year to see how many seeds/seedlings we put in last year.This year, I will make new graphs and plan to weigh the whole harvest as it comes in. I did that briefly last year,but started a bit late,and didn't keep up with it.This year, I will.

We were pleased with the taste of what we grew last year,so we are going to keep those,especially since we have plenty of seeds left over :) There are going to be some new veggies,however.

                          Veggies from last year that we are planting and amounts:

Early Sugar Pie Pumpkins-LY 4   TY 6
Jack O'Lantern Pumpkins-LY-4  TY 6
National Pickling Cukes-LY/TY 16
Straight 8 Cukes-LY/TY 16
Honey and Cream Corn-LY 80    TY 160
Sweet Pepper Early Crisp- LY 4   TY 8
Burpee's Tenderpod Bush Green Bean-LY 2    TY 6
Sweet Zuke Zucchini- LY /TY 1
Sunray Summer Squash-LY/TY 1
Sweet Treat Carrots-LY 128 TY 256
RSVPeas- LY/TY 32
Little Caesar ( Romaine) Lettuce-LY/LY 16
Green Ice (Looseleaf) Lettuce-LY/TY 16
Walla Walla Onions- LY/TY 150
Rutgers Tomatoes-LY-6  TY 12

We are not going to try Cantaloupe again this year.We had a plentiful harvest of zucchini and summer squash last year,with just two plants. Our cukes will remain the same amount as well.
                                            New Veggies:
Salad Fresh Spinach-36
Bloomdale Spinach-26
Bonanza Broccoli-6
Chicago Red Beets-32
Dimitri Brussel Sprouts-32
Confetti Blend Radishes- 64
Butternut Winter Squash-1

Rosemary- LY 1 TY 2
Giant Dill- LY 1 TY 2
Sweet Basil- LY 4 TY 3
Greek Oregano- LY 1 TY 3
German Thyme-LY/TY 1
Spearmint; LY /LY 1
Lavender- have 4 Provence from a few years ago;last year My Dear Friend Michelle gave me 2-3 more plants. Will expand this this year,though amounts are unknown right now


Albion Strawberries-LY/TY 25-no new plantings
Blueberries-LY 4 bushes TY 8 bushes
Blackberries- LY 1-TY 4
Raspberries- LY 1 TY 4
Concord Grapes- sticking with one
Jonathan Apple Tree- adding 1 or 2 TY

I am still debating on getting more herbs,and perhaps making a dye garden. I must visit the alpaca farm down the street to see if she sells alpaca yarn and if it's dyed or natural.

Now I need to get get more fluorescent lights,a couple of tables,and starter cells/mix. Peppers and tomatoes need to be started by the 26th.

How is your garden planning coming along? Anything new?

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