Friday, May 20, 2011

Soggy Week

This whole week has been gray,raw,and rainy off and on. Not a great week for doing much outside. The Boys have finally split all the tree length wood and cleaned up the area where it was. The tractor has been a big help-they are out there right now finishing up. Next for the wood is building a wood shelter,with posts and a metal roof overhang that will extend from the backside of our garage.Some of the wood will need to be re stacked (the older wood moved to the front) so they didn't bother to stack all of the new wood yet. Today we are getting some fill delivered. Our yard has taken a beating,what with the new well being put in last year and the fact that the subcontractor did a poor job back filling. We now have assorted bumps,sink areas,etc from the well,across our driveway,to the house. We also wound up with some massive frost heaves in the back,and our yard in general has settled since we moved here. So we are going to fill in as much of our yard as we can,then we will get some loam to put on top.

We are getting compost delivered this year. We don't have enough broken down this year to refill our boxes from last and to fill the 6 new ones that we will building in the next week. We do have peat moss left over from last year,and we will have to pick up more vermiculite to mix in with the compost. The tractor is going make this job much easier than last year. I do admit that I am glad we won't have to manually sift our pile this year!

After the boxes are made,and the garden planted,Rick is going to redo our compost area.Right now,it's a big pile. He is going to build a bin with two areas,one for broken down ready to use compost,the other for stuff that is in the process of breaking down. Yesterday,I tried the tractor for the first time,playing in the compost,and I must admit it was quite a bit of fun! I loved it.

I did have to replant some of my Sugar Pie pumpkins,Jack O'Lantern pumpkins,Straight 8 cukes and National Pickling cukes. For some reason,they didn't sprout at all. We ordered 10 blackberry and raspberry bushes,four blueberry bushes,Red Pontiac potatoes,onion sets,and we bought some Maine white seed potatoes from our local Blue Seal. I am getting anxious to plant!!! But being NH,today is the official last frost date,so as soon as the yard is done and the boxes made I can plant.These next few weeks are going to very very busy,as long as the weather cooperates. We would probably have the wood shelter all done by now.

Is it sunny where you are? We sorely miss the sun...we haven't seen it all week long.

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