Friday, January 6, 2012

Organizing-Computer Files

This morning I woke to lightly falling snow.Though I admit that if I didn't see snow for the rest of the winter it wouldn't bother me,looking out the window at the gently falling flakes makes for a pretty picture. Little O seems to think so,too:

Yesterday I continued cleaning out my computer files. The old deleted email file,cleaned out. Spam,cleaned out. Sent,cleaned out. I also started my Favorites.

When I put something in my Favorite file,sometimes it's something that I stumble across that has info that I want to reference to quickly,sometimes it's a blog I find intriguing but don't have the time to fully examine at that time so I can go back to it,and lately it's been knitting and crocheting patterns that I get via email.There have also been assorted genealogy info. This year, I cleaned out quite a few favorites. A good portion of them are knitting and crocheting. Sometimes when I try to print them out it works,and sometimes it doesn't,which really stumped me. I guess it depends on what browser  it is on,and I finally figured out how to print everything out. I still have a few to print and delete. Some patterns I just deleted. Then,of course, I will clean out my recycle bin to free up that space.

Yesterday I also did my monthly cleaning out of magazines. I saved the articles that had something I wanted to refer to later,and got rid of most the others,only keeping the current ones (January 2012).Yes, I could get these online,but I love getting magazines in the mail.It's like a present in the mailbox! I do think that there are a couple that I will stop subscribing to,though. When I get to the point where  I skim through them for a few months and there is nothing that catches my eye,it's time to call it good. Right now I have Hobby Farm,Hobby Farm Home, (though I detest the term "Hobby Farm"),Mother Earth News,Backyard Poultry,Countryside,Herb Companion,Country Home Sampler,and Country Home. What do I do with the articles I keep? I put them in our Life Book,which I will also be cleaning out and revamping over the next few days.

Today,I finish printing out /deleting patterns,and I begin our file cabinet.That will be interesting!


  1. Donna, since I live in NH too, I couldn't resist making a comment. We didn't get any snowflakes here - I'm in Southern NH, but it has been cold. I need to clean out my "favorites" file too because it get so large!!!! I have one category just called "today's searches" because I already have so much stuff in the quilting, sewing, and block tutorials files. Everything else here in the house needs cleaning out - like my laundry room, the under-the-sink cabinet. I'm taking my time - I just had a birthday and I'm feeling reallyyyyyyy old, plus I have a little bit of the flu. I don't know who I caught it from. Happy New Year and good luck with your cleaning.

  2. Donna - if you keep cleaning and organizing like this - i swear i will stop reading this blog! i mean it!

    bahahahahaha! your friend, who really needs to clean and organize soooo much stuff,

  3. Hello Betts 123,my fellow New Hampshire-ite! We live in central NH,in northern Strafford County. I hear you...I too,have much to be done,so I am only doing a bit a day.I hope you feel better and visit again soon :)
    Kymber-you can see where my mind set is lately...also,there not much else going on here :)Have a fabulous day!