Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 Here is my finished dishtowel. I took this when it was drying after I blocked it:

Blocking,for those of you not familiar with the term,is when you put the item in soapy water,then rinse it several times in cold and then you dry it,making the stitches a bit tighter.I'm sure it does something else,but right now I can't remember. :)

Because the yarn wasn't solid colors,you can't really see the stripes I made ( I wasn't anticipating any special patterns when I bought the yarn) but...if you look close enough,you can see two areas where there is mostly yellow-those are the stripes.

The one thing I was wondering about-if it would be absorbent enough-was certainly answered when I placed it in my bathroom sink. Yep.It's plenty absorbent! So as I make new towels,I will take an old ratty one out of the rotation and put it with my rag bag.

This morning we all overslept-apparently I shut off my alarm without realizing it,and Rick's didn't go off. Zach's new alarm wasn't plugged in. So I drove The Boy to school today.

Yesterday we took a trip to the Manchester VA for an appt with Rick's medicine Dr,Dr Hunt. So far,everything Rick is experiencing is normal. The goal is in a few weeks to be completely off the Seroquil and be totally on the  Depakote. The only downside is,since Seroquil is stronger than Depakote,he will wind taking more Depakote. It could be upward of over 1,500 mg a day.

Today my goal is reorganize my genealogy information. I have folders and binders that I keep in my bedroom closet that I really want to get moved into the file cabinet so when I am using my Family Tree Maker I can access info quickly. I will have to figure out exactly how to  do it-I can't just put the binders into the file cabinet,as I don't think they will fit. Do I use a main name-such as Shaw-as a hanging folder and then have all the names associated with it in separate manila folders? Hmm. It's a mystery,Scooby Doo! I also want to put more info into my  Tree Maker this winter. So far,I have several hundred names on Rick's side of the family (his is easier to find,since my relatives didn't come down from Canada until the 1870's at the earliest). I have also been considering a blog about our genealogy,but I'm sure about it yet.I'm still mulling that over.

Have a Beautiful Day on this Beautiful Planet wherever you might be!!!!


  1. Donna - Thanks for showing the finished dish towel. Most of my dishtowels really belong in my rag bin, but I've never tried anything like this, so we'll see. Good to know it works though!

  2. Donna - that dishtowel is awesome! thanks for sharing! and i am glad that things are going well for Rick! good luck on organizing the family tree info - it must be super fun to have such a large set of families to "tree"!

    your friend,