Thursday, January 5, 2012

Organizing-Cookbooks and Cooking Magazines

Many thanks for the positive feedback on  my last post! The support helps :)

This has been a hard week for Rick. He is in the midst of changing his meds,so while he is gradually getting Depakote into his system,he is also gradually getting the Seroquil out. He has had moments of irritability and moments where he breaks down.He has been very confused,and the other day asked me how I spell my name.He had "Dawna" in his head. We are going to hold off on moving forward with the kitchen remodel until he is on a more even keel. He could not even begin to try and do measurements,cutting, etc. It would frustrate him even more than he is now. So that will be on hold for a bit.

Tuesday I decided to work on my cookbook/cooking magazine storage area. I keep them on a shelf on an old vegetable dryer we bought at a barn sale.I keep my onions,potatoes,and garlic here:

Lovely,isn't it? In this conglomeration are cookbooks,loose recipes,many magazines,my digital food scale,and recipe box. I had this thing for years where each holiday season I would buy Christmas Cookie magazines ( I had some going back to 2003),Holiday Baking,Paula Deen Christmas mags,etc. I enjoyed looking at the pretty cookies,thinking that someday I may bake them.

I probably have used recipes in these magazines a handful of times,and most of that handful is actually  one fabulous blueberry muffin recipe.The majority I have never used a single recipe from.

So, I pulled everything off the shelf,and sorted them into piles:books,magazines,and loose papers:

Going through the cookbooks and magazines,I asked myself:
-Have I ever cooked anything from this? If so,how long ago?

If the answer was yes and it wasn't too far back I would keep the book.If it was a magazine,I would take the recipe out of it and put it into my recipe box.  I wound up getting rid of one book and all but two magazines. Some of the loose papers were gluten free information,which of course,we are now familiar with,so I really didn't need those anymore. My magazine pile was too heavy to plop all in one garbage bag,so I placed a neat little pile by the garbage bin. A few magazines get put in the trash anytime a new bag is put out.

I wiped down the veggie dryer and placed what I am keeping back:

Ah,that's more like it!!! It did take a bit to go through all the magazines,but it was so worth it.

Next:more magazines and computer favorites!


  1. gurl - you just keeping hanging out that dirty laundry because we are learning!

    all of our warmest, healing thoughts go out to your heroe while he makes it through a difficult medication-changing time.

    your friend,

  2. Again, Donna, kudos! It's hard to get rid of the "someday, maybe"'s, isn't it? You are definitely on a mission!
    I hope Rick, and the rest of you, can get through this adjustment period soon. Although a very different situation, I do have some experience watching someone go through med adjustments, and it can be very, very tough. It's so hard to know whether the meds will work, but just need more time, or if something altogether different needs to happen. I really can't imagine being the one experiencing it, feeling like your brain's been hi-jacked. I just hope things are better soon. Hard to watch and feel helpless, too, I'm sure.

  3. Thank you,ladies. Yesterday was a better day for Rick,I know as the time goes by and things get to where they should be everything will be A-OK.