Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day

Today we were suppose to go to the Manchester VA for a medication appointment and an appointment with Rick's TBI Dr.However,yesterday Rick called and rescheduled because of a snow storm that was heading our way.We do have four wheel drive,but there is no point in driving an hour and 15 minutes in a mess when you don't have to,right?

My Mom,who is doing great with her shoulder and is all done with her physical therapy,commented to me the other day that in her 86 years,she has never seen such a lack of snow. We had a covering for Christmas,then a couple days later it disappeared.It has been warm for this time of year as well-yesterday I went grocery shopping in short sleeves and a sweatshirt. Usually here in NH we are bundled up,sometimes by November. This type of weather is extremely rare.

However, this AM the alarm when off at 5:30 AM and I went to the window to see if it had started snowing. It had barely started,and the school district called to tell us that there would be no school. I thought that was a very good decision,since the storm was suppose to get worse as the morning went on,in some areas dropping an inch or two an hour.

So now we finally have some snow. I admit I am happy at this point without it,but it's very pretty to watch. It makes me feel very warm and secure with the wood stove going and the storm swirling outside.

I have taken a break from organizing to do some knitting. I am inspired to knit some dishtowels. The inspiration came from the lovely handmade towels my Dear Friend Michelle gave me for Christmas. I am in need of new dishtowels. Mine are mostly stained,and in a couple of cases,ripped. They will make great rags. I was thinking of buying some new ones,but then I realized that I can just make them myself!Dishcloths,dishtowels,and potholders are on the agenda.

Enjoy your day!!!!


  1. Awsome! I have made dishcloths before, but never dish towels. Do you have a pattern?
    Congrats on the snow. I'm in Northern Virginia about an hour from Winchester. We got a bit of snow two days ago, then rain yesterday. Everything is gone now. I'm kind of glad that it's not so cold this year since my central heat went out. :)

  2. Knitted dishcloths I have, but have never seen knitted dishtowels. Do they work just as well as cloth? Anxious to see what they look like. We've had the same lack of snow, and very mild weather here in MI, but we're making up for it now. Supposed to get at least six inches tonight. I feel about the same. I'm glad it hasn't been too rough, as hopefully the winter won't seem quite so long, but I do enjoy, and am very grateful for a warm, cozy home on nights like this. From my cozy home to yours.