Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hanging With The Scouts

We have many Scouting events right now. Events are one right after the other,but that is due in part to District wanting to get the events done before baseball season kicks in.Once baseball starts,many Scouts no longer do Scouting events as it conflicts with baseball.So for three straight weeks,there are Scouting events each weekend.
The event this past weekend was our District Fish and Run. The Webelos I camp out for the weekend,they have an early morning fishing competition,then the rest of the day they have stations that they compete at. The Cub Scouts (Tigers,Wolves and Bears) have a fishing competition later in the morning,then they can go through the stations if they wish,for fun. Cubbies do not camp out,only the Webelos. Our Boy Scout Troop has helped District run this for a few years now.
Throughout Zach's time in Cub Scouts,I have been either an Assistant Leader or a Leader. Rick started helping me as my Assistant a year or two after he came home.As I have become older,I am not the biggest fan of camping-but I can certainly do it. Rick loves camping,in any weather,so this past weekend I figured I would let him do the camping with the Troop.
Turns out that was a good call on my part,because it was COLD! All that beautiful warm weather we had was nowhere to be found. It was also very windy,which made it even colder. Friday night,the temperature dropped to the mid twenties. Rick said when he woke up on Saturday,it was flurrying. I went on Saturday to help sell food for the Troop fundraiser. It was windy and chilly all day. I went home after our little concession area closed,and when I picked Rick and Zach up Sunday morning,Rick informed me that it was even colder on Saturday night-down to 19 degrees. Glad I missed that camp out!
Because of the cold,not many Webelo dens stayed the weekend,and not many Cub Scouts showed up on Saturday,but those who did go had a good time.
I took a few photos:
Webelos getting instructions from the main tent:

Sue,our Committee Chair,setting up the concession stand. We sold hot dogs,hamburgers,pulled pork sandwiches,chips,beans,baked goods,and hot and cold drinks.Coffee and cocoa were the most popular!

Sue's brother and his smoker.He has donated his time for the last two years,bless his heart. He cooked the hot dogs,burgers,pulled pork,and beans for us,showing up at 2:00 AM on Saturday to slow cook the pork.

As I said,the crowd wasn't huge,but those who were there had a good time. The biggest fish caught was 10 1/2 ". I can't recall what the smallest was. Zach still has his trophy for the smallest fish from 2006.He keeps it on his window sill in his bedroom.

Sunday morning was when the Webelos' awards were given out.There were first-third places for each event,and the dens got an award for their respective placement.  Rick and Zach ran one of the events.The adults all lined up and announced the winner for each event.Rick is on the far left.

Zach is wearing his coon skin cap. He was adamant that he wear this cap,as he has worn it for the last few years,and he says he's known for wearing it.It has seen better days,as last year the tail came off and I made a sad attempt at sewing it back on.This year,it had electrical tape wrapped around it! Zach was all excited to announce the awards from his station-it was the first time he has done so.He's here with Rick,and our friend,CJ. CJ was kind enough to give us the left over bacon sausage from the weekend,fresh from his pig.Jeannette is in the background,she is in our Troop and is also on the Cub Scout Outdoor Activities Committee.

My Dear Friend Michelle's den had a great weekend,winning many first,second,and third places,which earned them the big over all trophy (which you can see on the table in the photo above). Her son Kyle is in the den. I took photos of the boys with their trophy,but I didn't want to put them on the blog without her permission. 

Monday night we had our Troop meeting,and Thursday we will be participating in a opening flag ceremony at the Governors Inn in Rochester.They are hosting an event for scouting. Friday thru Sunday is our Boy Scout Camporee,where they have events for Boy Scouts (kind of the same thing as Fish and Run,but without the fishing,and just for Boy Scouts). I will be camping out at that. The following week is the Hikeathon. Then we can take a breath!!! :)

Have a fabulous day on this fabulous planet,where ever you might be!!!!

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