Friday, May 18, 2012

Stuck Points

Tuesday at Cognitive Therapy, Ken went through Rick's homework and wrote down his all the stuck points. Rick had 22,23 is the norm. They discussed each answer,Ken asking Rick various questions about each topic (safety,intimacy,self confidence,etc)and then making his stuck point list,point by point.

Some of the stuck points that Rick has:
-I can't trust authority figures
-Others don't care about my safety
-I need to scan to make sure things are safe
-I should be taking care of my family not them taking care of me
-I should have control over my emotions
-I am emotionally broken
-Others might fear me because of my combat experience
-I have to do things in certain steps or process/routine
-Routine is the only control I have
-Things have to be predictable to be safe

Now the goal is to work on those stuck points,and hopefully lessen the list or erase it all together. This week Rick has ABC Worksheets. Each day,he has write an (A)ctivating Event (something that happened),a (B)elief/Stuck Point (what he tells himself about the event,using his stuck point list if he wishes) and the last, (C)onsequence (how that makes him feel). He then has to write if his thoughts are realistic,and what he can tell himself if this event happens again in the future. For example,someone cuts us off in traffic. He might feel like "others don't care about my safety" and that might make him "angry and think they are jerks." Is that they really don't care about his safety? Could it just be that they were distracted,or too focused on where they were going? How could he rethink that in future?

Today we are going to the Manchester VA for his speech therapy. Yesterday he had real bad day with speech. He dragged out his words and had a heck of time finding proper ones. Again,some days he has no issues at all,other days just a bit here and there,and days like yesterday,which he just can't speak well at all. Judy,his therapist,seems very nice and eager to help.

However, it's not all work and no play here. Tomorrow we are heading down to Kingston NH for the NH Renaissance Fair.I just discovered that we had one,and apparently have had one for about 7 years! Rick is a bit nervous about the crowd size (will it be elbow to elbow or will there be some breathing room?) but I think that it will be OK.He is excited to go,and so is Zach. Metal weapon demonstrations! Homemade weapons for sale!!! What male can't resist that? Hee hee! I myself am looking forward to the whole experience-the music,costumes, demonstrations,vendors-should be a great time!

Have a lovely weekend,World!!!

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