Thursday, May 17, 2012

This And That

The weather has finally cleared. For the last three days,it has been raining off and on.Yesterday was quite humid,and we has some thunderstorms roll through last night.There were some mighty big cracks of thunder,but with it came nice,cool air and a bright sun this morning!

Tuesday we had our weekly Cognitive Processing appt with Ken. I will write more about that tomorrow, but it went well. Our kitchen remodel is moving along,slowly. We have to wait for the carpenter to come and redo the cabinet so it will fit the new sink. He brought our current under the sink doors and new sink to the gentleman who is going to custom make our new doors. Surprisingly, Rick and Brian both know the door maker,Mr. Ames,and he does excellent work,so if anyone can make new doors the right fit and have them blend right in,it's Mr.Ames.For the time being,we have a curtain tacked up where the doors were. I am more than happy to wait so I can have local folks do the job rather,than having one of the big stores ( Lowes or Home Depot,both of which we do buy things at) do it. We like supporting local small business where we can.

This past weekend was nice,and I sat outside for a while and read,as well as taking a few photos from around the property.

My lilac bush didn't have as many blooms on it this year as it did last year,but this cluster of blossoms was pretty:

My lavender is dead! I was hoping it would come back,but nope,it's all dead. I will have to replace them this year. My azaleas,however,are still quite pretty: 

One thing I love about Spring is the various colors of green we see popping out. Dark green,light green...such a gorgeous sight!

The Girls enjoyed some free range time. I sat by them and made sure they didn't wander too far away. They found plenty to eat,and I am hoping that most of what they were eating were ticks. The ticks are terrible again this year.

I think it's funny when they scratch with their feet,pushing leaves back to find their treats. They were all quite content,chatting with each other while they enjoyed their free time:

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  1. I don't have much luck with lavender, it get's too wet, and they like dry. Love your speckledy hens :D