Monday, May 21, 2012

Renaissance Faire

Saturday was a gorgeous day. It was a bit warm in the sun,but not too bad. We went to our first Renaissance Faire,down in Kingston. Kingston is about an hour from us,in southern NH near the MA border.

There were wandering musicians,vendors,various demonstrations,plays,and comedians. Our day in 

                                               Zach getting some sword fight training:


The knight encampment:

Sir Brian talking about knight life:

                                         The Queen bestowing Sir Brian with her favors:

                                                              Let the battle begin!

                                                            Sir Brian vs Sir Anthony:

During a break in the action,we discussed the merits and drawbacks of the longbow:

We didn't know until after the bouts that Sir Anthony is Tony Dow,who Rick served on Homeland Security with! We haven't seen him in years:

Vendor area:

My favorite boys posing for the camera:

We had musical entertainment everywhere we went-this lady was performing Celtic music:

Alas,there was no crown for the queen,but I did find this lovely white rose and ribbon head wreath. I also purchased the blue green necklace (better pic of this at the end)

The belly dancers were fun! I even took part in a belly dancing class:

I loved the colorful clothes:


Here is a better photo of my new necklace. I think it's gorgeous!


  1. How fun. And I love the necklace.

  2. it looks like you all had an awesome day! i'm with Phelan - i loooove that necklace!

    your friend,

  3. I love the Knightlife
    I love the boogie
    on the disco roo-owwwnnnd!
    Ohh yeaaaah!

    Sorry couldn't help meself! Great photos! I saw signs for Medieval fayre yesterday but Joe a aiming to break the sound barrier going round the roundabout! So I couldn't read it..perhaps I should ask my friend Mr Google!

  4. Isn't the necklace pretty? :)
    Sue,you crack me up!!!!!! LOL Now I have that in my head!