Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Cozy Feel of Fall

I have posted about this before,but there is something special about Fall in New England. I don't think I am going out on limb when I say that Fall and New England go hand and hand. To me,the sight of brightly colored leaves, crisp apples, stone walls,and a slight chill in the air is New England. Of course, I am biased towards NH. :)

I am starting to get the cozy Fall feel. It's almost like a nesting thing. Time to put the AC's away,tidy up the garden,and the yard. I like to bake this time of the year. For some reason,it seems more enjoyable to smell a fresh apple pie when one comes in from the outside this time of year.I like to make candles.Chili,stews,and crock pot meals move to the forefront. The final element is when we start the wood stove for the first time. So far,we have not had to start it,but I don't think it will be very long.The nights are getting cooler,and the days as well. There is such simple pleasure in relaxing at the kitchen table and watching the fire through the glass in the wood stove door,and feeling the warmth creates contentment. It makes me want to start the stove up right now! ( But I won't....it's too early)

Today I need to dry up my herbs,and finally take down my poor cornstalks and make bundles out of them for decoration.

Yep,it's the Cozy Feel of Fall.


  1. Sounds wonderful Donna,I can smell that apple pie from here. Here we are waiting for Spring to start and all we are getting are gale force winds and rain which is hampering our attempts at planting anything! Hope you are all well and Ricks recovery continues...x

  2. Thank you,Sue!Rick is doing OK...his PTSD is moving more to the forefront now that he is down to 30mg of morphine a day,so we have been dealing with that.He gets sensory overload and it gets to him. But his knees are doing great! Read through various blogs that you all have been having horrible winds and rain...hope it ends for you folks "down under" soon :)