Sunday, September 12, 2010

Signs of Fall and Edible Apples

I spent yesterday in bed with one of the worst migraines I have had in a very long time-pain so sharp that it made me get sick. So I popped Excedrin Migraine,rested my poor head,and in the evening watched a couple 9/11 doctumentaries.

Friday,on the other hand,was a much better day. I felt great,for the first time in a week. I went grocery shopping,and when I got back,decided to take a few pictures of the first signs that Fall was indeed creeping into our beautiful Granite State.

First,my lovely Nico Blue ( or is it Nikki Blue? I can't remember) Hydrangeas have now turned a very pretty shade of purple:

They would make a pretty centerpiece on the dining table. I have noticed my next door neighbor has some really pretty foliage. The tops of a couple of his maples are a pretty red. We,on the other hand, are just starting to show some colors around the edges:
This is the maple in the front of the house.Directly in front of it is a large oak.You can see the signs of Fall are just starting.
One of the good things that happened Friday was what was finally happened with our Jonathan apple tree that we planted right before Rick left for Iraq in Spring of 2005. This is a self pollinating tree:

As you can see,we do need to give a nice pruning. We started getting tiny apples about 3 years ago,and when I say tiny,I mean roughly crab apple size. We also have only had one -three each year,and they would fall off before they would ripen ( at such a small size,it didn't really matter,but still....) This year,we have the most apples we have ever had:8. And these apples are far from crab apple size:
Isn't that pretty? We actually have apples that look like...well...real apples! I was eyeing them as we brought the groceries into the house.I went back out for a better look,and was very excited to see how great they looked. Rick and I decided to try one,so he picked it, was good! The inside was just like any old apple,no strange things growing (or living) in it! It was a bit too crisp for me,so it probably could've stayed on the tree a wee bit longer,but it was delicious none the less.So...we now have edible apples. Only a few,but now we look forward to more apples next year. We do want to get another couple of trees. I would like to just be able to pick them from my yard when I would like to make a pie.
I was so excited I jumped up and down. " We need a press!" I exclaimed. " We can make our own cider,and applesauce..." " We also need more than one tree to make all that,"Brother B chuckled. "Well.....yes," I replied,"someday. But we can always pick apples at an orchard till then!"
Our own apples!!! YAY!

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