Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Homemade Brown Sugar

I am not half clever enough to come up with ideas on my own. I get them from blogs,friends,or family.So the day that My Dear Friend Michelle told me she had to make more brown sugar (or was it that she had made more brown sugar?) my ears perked up. "How do you make brown sugar?" I asked,intrigued. "You can make brown sugar?" My Dear Friend assured me that yes,one could make brown sugar,and not only was it easy,it tasted much better than store bought.

Wow. Homemade brown sugar! I don't know where she learned this little bit of homemade goodness-I didn't ask. My head was still reeling. Imagine making your own brown sugar! It was something I never thought of. I figured it was one of those things that you had to buy in the store,sitting for God knows how long in a plastic bag. What a great idea.One less plastic product to buy. And once could either make a batch ahead of time,or make it as needed. I think we have all experienced what happens when a bag of brown sugar is not closed up properly....you wind up with a brown sugar rock-yuck.

So yesterday,since I wasn't feeling the best,and feeling the need to do something constructive, I decided to give brown sugar whirl. It was quick, it was easy,and I will never EVER buy store bought brown sugar again. This beats it hands down. This is what you need:

white sugar

Yep.That's it.White sugar and molasses. 1 cup of white sugar and two tablespoons of molasses. You put the molasses in the sugar,and mix it up until the molasses is completely combined with the sugar.I used a fork to help things along. I made two cups. The sugar turns a lovely light brown color,just like you would buy in the store.And the taste! Much better,not as sweet. But it tastes just like light brown sugar. I would assume if you wanted dark brown sugar that you would add more molasses,maybe two more tablespoons,or to taste.

How would've thought it would be that easy?


  1. Very easy!!! As easy as the spelling mistakes I made! Whoops....:)

  2. What a good idea and so simple. For castor sugar, I just whizz regular sugar a little in the food processor, and process into fine powder for Icing sugar. It saves buying the different types, saves space, and can do it in a jif.

  3. Oops, I meant to say in the coffee grinder, not the food processor.