Monday, September 6, 2010

Laying Low

This past weekend I have been laying low.My allergies kicked into full gear making me stuffy,my head swimmy,and I have been left overall lethargic.Completely drained. I was suppose to can tomatoes-well,that didn't happen.I didn't have the drive to do it at all. Saturday I did poke around in the garden,and pulled up the plants past their prime-the cantaloupes,lettuce,most of the cucumbers,some of pumpkin vines.I left my corn stalks (which are a lovely shade of tan) because I didn't have the energy to tie them up into groups for decoration. I spent all day in bed yesterday,popping Benedryl and sleeping,and today my head still feels off and I have no energy. So the tomatoes will not get canned yet again. I wanted to make sauce,but I don' t have the 40 lbs of tomatoes called for in the Blue Book,so I was going to content myself with canning them in water. I don't have the drive to do it,though. Maybe tomorrow. I have been saying that since this started on Friday! I feel very guilty for it,but there is no way I can do it. I already feel like going back to bed,and it's only 8:50 AM.I feel like I am letting my family down.I don't like feeling sick,when there is so much to do.

Today is Labor Day,and Zach has had a long four day weekend.His Cousin Brody came up over the weekend,and all the menfolk went hunting.It's squirrel and bear season,as well as coyote and other small critters. Alas,things were rather elusive,but Brody enjoyed his first hunting excursion.

We did have a special visitor this AM. Brother B had made a store run and on the way back,he saw a bull moose lumbering down the treeline that separates our yard and the neighbors. Mr Moose then crossed the road and went into the woods . If we had the blinds on our french doors open,we would've seen him. Drat! Rick said that he has noticed deer tracks in our yard,more than he has seen since we moved up here in 2003.This is the second moose we have had in that amount of time. We haven't had any bears yet this year,but I did see one about two miles south,crossing Rt 153 a couple weeks ago on my way back from Farmington. I am surprised that we didn't get one in the yard this year,like we did last year,especially since we have more bird feeders and our garden is bigger.

I should go attempt to do something.....have a great day!

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  1. Gosh a moose loose outside your hoose! :D
    If you feel like going back to bed, then maybe you should, have a sleep then hopefully you'll wake up feeling ready to takled the tomatoes. RE the quantities for the sauce, can't you just half the quantities? Or adapt to the amount you have? Feel better soon.