Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fresh Air

Thankfully,Hurricane Earl just seemed to cough it's way up the coast here.It has been a long time since NH has seen a good size hurricane,and we like it like that. We have our share of winter hurricanes (otherwise known as Northeasters) so we can do without them in the Fall. We did get some rain and a bit of wind,but nothing to write home about. We are about 30 minutes from the coast,so anything they get is far less up here.

This last week has found us with yet another stretch of oppressive heat,coupled with humidity. Records were broken as the many parts of the state (including ours)found themselves in the mid to upper 90's. Our AC has been going nonstop for days,which has meant our windows have been closed.Now the heat is over! A cool front has finally moved in. This morning I have shut down the AC and flung open every window in the house (except for the ones which have an air conditioner in it-we have two).Finally! Some fresh air in the house! The sun is out,the wind is blowing,and the air smells lovely. One of the wonderful things about having windows open is you can hear and smell the outside. Instead of the steady noise of the air conditioner,we can hear birds,feel the breeze,smell how fresh it is after the rain,hear the leaves rustling on the trees,and hear our beloved rooster,Runt crowing at the day.It's wonderful and relaxing.

Today I need to can tomatoes.Our tomatoes have finally started ripening,and our neighbor gave us a bunch of them.I do need to pull out my cuke plants.They are finally dead and have served us well.The pickles and relish I canned came out great,if I do say so myself! :) I have two or three pumpkins left on the vine,but they should be pretty well ripe by now. I picked 5 of them about 2-3 weeks ago.Everything so early this year.My corn didn't turn out very well.The stalks all died within the last three weeks,so even though we propped them up and extended their lives by a bit,it didn't have the desired effect. At least I can use the stalks for fall decoration.As Ma Ingalls used to say,"There's no great loss without some small gain."

I am still getting some summer squash and zucchini,though the leaves have white on them.I have a few green beans that need picking,and my green peppers are doing OK. I need to check my potatoes.The herbs did great,and we are still getting strawberries.This last strawberry harvest has been our best all summer,so next year I am sure all three harvests will be very bountiful.(fingers crossed!!!)

The girls should be laying very soon,so we are anxious for that. The turkeys are getting big,and it's funny to see the males strut around and make their huffing noises.

Yep,it's a good day!

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