Thursday, October 14, 2010

Falling Leaves

Today I am lying a bit low. I started getting aches and chills yesterday,complete with a nagging runny nose ( lovely image,I apologies!)and slight cough. Today,my nose is taking a break,but my coughing has increased a bit and I still feel blah. I did do the morning dishes and swept the house. I replaced the wick from one of my kerosene lamps that has been missing for over a year and polished it's chimney. ( I have several lamps-three in the dining area,four in the living room). I did eat breakfast ( English muffin and oatmeal) but I wasn't very hungry.

I sat down and in my recliner and watched what was going on with Nature outside. The day began as sunny,but the clouds have rolled in and the sun is more in than out . We are expecting a Northeaster ( some will argue that I should be calling it "Nor'easter" in true Yankee vernacular) here that will carry no snow,only rain. Heavy rain.The wind has picked up a bit,putting the fall into Fall...the leaves and pine needles are falling off the trees,and starting to cover the yard.Our cat,Omar ( aka Little O) sat in front of the french doors,watching them with interest for a little while. The colors are pretty much at peak,lots of yellows,reds,oranges,and golds mixed in with the green pine trees. I am constantly amazed at how beautiful it is here and how lucky we are to live where Nature is so close at hand.

The Man of the Place started up the wood stove,and as soon as I smelled the wonderful fragrance of burning wood,I felt contentment. If you have never smelled or felt the experience of a wood stove,especially when sick,you are missing out. It's like a big old hug. Wood stove heat is perfect. I can see the wood stove from my recliner,which is nice,because we have a glass front on our stove,so I can watch the flames. Sometimes Rick and I will sit at the table (the wood stove is in the dining area),chat and watch the flames.

I am now going to go back to my recliner,curl up under a quilt,and watch the flames from the wood stove and the leaves fall outside. I think a good book is in order,maybe a biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I hope you have a chance to enjoy what Nature is up to outside your window.


  1. Nature should be producing three calves in the next few days so I'm on constant watch for signs of birthing. Rest easy in your recliner (aren't they just the bees knees?) and get well soon.

  2. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while toying the idea of starting one of my own! I was searching for gardening/homesteading/etc. and branched my search to NH as I'm in Maine and came across yours! Keep up the good work!

  3. Sue, I bet you have your calves by now...congrats on the additions! I wish we could have cows,but our property is not big enough.
    Melissa,glad you found me!Always glad to hear from a "neighbor"! Good luck with you blog (if you do start it) and please drop by again...leave the address of your blog if you start one and I will check it out. :)