Friday, October 22, 2010

'Tis That Time of the Year...

Each morning,after Zach is off to school,I sit herein front of the computer with my coffee in my Almanzo Wilder Homestead mug and check my emails,then read blogs. Sometimes I check Facebook,but the novelty has worn off on that quite a bit.

I was sitting here,when I happened to glance out the living room windows to my right,when lo and behold,what did my eyes see...but snow. Yep. Snow flurries. It picked up for just a wee bit,then stopped. The sun came out,then went back in behind gray clouds,or as we call them,snow clouds. This time of year,when the sky gets a certain gray cloudy look,you know there is a good chance you will see some snow,whether a small flurry or a quick squall.

Our foliage is pretty much past peak,though my tree that I see out the bedroom window is still changing. I took this photo yesterday:

You can see my favorite branch,but now there are more yellows and oranges around it.I am anxious to see it in all it's Fall finery.

Weds the well company came and began drilling our artesian well. It was quite a sight. We all pulled up a lawn chair and watched them do their magic:
They drilled down a total of 80 ft the first day,with casing put down 50 ft.
The below photo shows the casing of the well They had to come back yesterday,and while I was at the grocery store,they hit water at 260 ft, with water flow at 8 1/2 gallons a minute.We will never have a water issue again. They had to go through rock ledge ( we aren't called the Granite State for nothing!)which is actually what they wanted to do. The black pipe is all you see sticking out of the ground. That's the well. Today they are digging a trench from the house to the well and laying pipe,then they are going to install the water pump in the basement,and do what electrical needs to be done. We will no longer have to use the dug well,though we are going to keep it and put a hand pump on it.

Yesterday I went to the Drs and they think I have a sinus infection,so I am on antibiotics. I also decided to go back on antidepressants. I was on them about 7 years ago,and stopped taking them when we lost our insurance after Rick got off active duty. I haven't felt right in a few years,and I don't know if it's depression (which can cause a myriad of physical symptoms)or perimenopause,but now that Zach and I finally have health insurance again,I am going to find out. I had been previously diagnosed with Premenstural Dysmorphic Disorder and anxiety. I have terrible anxiety and it can cause me to not go anywhere,or even answer a phone or make a phone call. Just the thought of doing things sometimes,no matter how small it may seem to one person can cause me great stress. I tried for a long time to deal with it,but I can tell it's getting worse. I know that everything that has been going on for the last few years has added to it,and I feel very overwhelmed at times. I have a physical and my first mammogram in a couple of weeks. Since Rick was not on active duty or retired for the last 4 years,we were not eligible for Tri care ( military),and we could not afford $500 a month for some of the other insurances that are available in our state. Now that he is retired,both Zach and I can get US Family Health,which is a version of Tri care Prime.I had sent the application in May,but never heard back. Yesterday at the Drs I found out that the military never took the money out of Rick's pension for the insurance,so it was never processed. Now we are all set.We will pay the monthly payment ourselves.

Rick has finally been rated 100 % disabled from the VA,so he has opted to get his monthly disability from them. It's three times the amount he would receive from the military.We just found out this week. So things are finally starting to get settled all around.

Whoops,it's snowing again.......the dark clouds says it all.

Have a great day!


  1. Good grief Donna makes you wonder why anyone would want to sever their country in the forces eh! Terrible. Sounds like some anti depressants might be what you need right now. You know you don't come across as a person who can be that anxious in your blog, to me you have always come across and a strong, supportive and loving person. I read somewhere, probably Facebook ;-D that depression isn't a sign of weakness it's a sign that you've been strong for too long. I think there may be an element of truth in that. Keep well.x♥

  2. Thank you,Sue.:) I really tried to stay away from meds,and did for a while (in part because I couldn't afford it,and in part because I wanted to deal with it on my own)but right now I think it 's a good idea to see if it helps.I have been busy thinking of Rick and his medical needs,now it's time to think of myself a little bit.