Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools....I Wish!!!!!

Yesterday was a lovely day.The temperatures were in the low 50's. The boys boiled down 22 gallons of sap,and had to collect sap twice. A mere 6 hours after gathering 25 gallons,they had to gather more because the buckets were filling up. So we had a total of 35 gallons of sap gathered yesterday. The total syrup made yesterday was 3 qts,1 pint. We have about three gallons of syrup total.

Today there is no boiling,because Mother Nature is in the process of giving us what we were hoping was an April Fools joke...but it's no joke. This is what she is giving us today....

Juncos enjoying seed and snow

A view of my herb and strawberry boxes...which you can't see

Yesterday this is what the herb and strawberry area looked like.You can actually see the straw covering the strawberry bed!
 Yep. Mother Nature has decided to dump a upwards of a foot or more on us today. The snow is a typical Spring snow...wet and heavy. The stretchy waffle weave roof of the turkey cage is now almost to the ground. Rick had to low crawl into the cage to raise it up as much as possible.It's still pretty low. Some of the braces need to be fixed/replaced. The snow is suppose to last all day,and widespread power outages have started. I am thankful that even if we lose power,we have a wood stove,a generator,a grill,and camp stoves. No problem eating or keeping warm. We could even watch TV if we wanted. But the main thing would be to keep the toilet and the fridge going. Hopefully it won't mess up my seeds too much. I put on the light yesterday at 14 hour intervals. I have some thyme and oregano that have sprouted. My laundry is all finished,so I don't have to worry about that. Needless to say,Zach has no school today. He has had quite a few snow days this year,so it looks like he will be in school until late June. That is no fun. Farmers Almanac missed this prediction. They said this winter would be "average to below average snow fall." Whoops!!! Better luck next time,guys.


  1. The before and after pics of your strawberry bed are just crazy!! Sometimes I think I miss snow but nope I don't. lol I love reading about people making their own maple syrup so I am off to see if you have any more posts about this. :)

  2. Welcome Allison! I have a few posts about syrup,so I hope you find them interesting to read. I hope to see you again!!!!