Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today I am making homemade crock pot beans. Once I get the beans on the boil,I am going to transfer my seedlings to individual pots.As you can see,my peppers,tomatoes,and broccoli are ready. I had to move the seedlings from the trays which are still on heat to the trays that are not on heat.(Once plants sprout,they are suppose to be taken off heat) I have a few pumpkins and cukes that sprouted right up,after only three days on heat. So I need to replant them as well.I will have to set up another fluorescent light because I will have plants covering my card table. I may even have to get another table! I hope what we plant will produce enough to do some serious veggie canning this year,but we will do what we can. Each year we are going to do more until we are satisfied. We just don't want to go hog wild and be overwhelmed.
The girls are laying well,and I think we are at the point where we can start selling eggs. We will have to make a sign to hang under our mailbox.
Tomorrow Rick,Zach and I will be camping out with the Boy Scouts for the weekend. Zach's troop helps to run the annual district Fish and Run. The Cub Scouts have a fishing competition in the morning on Saturday,followed by various events at different stations. Sunday AM awards are handed out. It's has been a while since Rick and I camped out with the boys. Before Rick's knee surgery,he would go,but he was always in so much pain that he couldn't enjoy himself,so we stopped. Now that his knees are better,he is really looking forward to camping again. He is even going to summer camp! He is happy that he can do things like this with Zach again and have fun!
Those of you who are getting ready for the garden,what are planting and how far along are you?

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