Friday, April 22, 2011

Mucking Around

Mud Season is alive and well here. We have no more snow,thankfully,but between the snow melt and the rain we received,our backyard is one big soggy mess. This year is the worst that we have had in the almost 8 years that we have lived here. Even where there appears to be solid ground with grass coverage,one sinks into the soft ground when it's walked on. I finally had to fore go my winter boots and buy myself a pair of what I call "Muck Muck Boots." We were at a shoe store buying Rick some hiking boots,when I noticed this section of clearance rubber boots.I didn't want some plain, old color. I wanted something fun. Who says mucking around has to be boring? They didn't have the pattern I really liked in my size,so I settled for these colorful ones:

The mud in front of the chicken coop is the worst! You can see how my feet sink in..and that is not the worst spot. I almost came out of my boots the other day when my feet sunk a few inches in and I tried to extract them. We have to step in certain spots to avoid boot suckage.

The girls have been doing well since Runt's demise (I must say,with carrots,potatoes,and onions cooked in a crock pot he was quite tasty). We have been averaging 8 eggs a day from the 11 of them.

I am glad that their pen area finally dried up. The poor things were standing in about 2" of water for a bit. And Runt is no longer getting on them and being rough with his affections. Some of them were really getting bald on their backs. Poor things. I know there is fine line between pleasure and pain,but,come on! :)

A couple of the chickens are broody. They like to sit on the eggs and don't particularly like it when we try to gather them. The other day,one of my Silver Lace Wynadottes decided to keep an eye on me while I removed the eggs. She had been sitting on 6 of them,and she protested quite loudly when I pushed her out of the way. She didn't trust me,however:

She stood there,keeping watch. Yesterday when I gathered eggs, one of our Rhode Island Reds was sitting on 8 eggs. When I tried to reach under her,she gave me a good old bite of indignation,which led to a small,sore purple bruise on my wrist (thankfully I had a couple of layers on,so it wasn't a bite right on the skin). I tried pushing her off with my basket (this seems to be a weapon of choice lately) and that didn't work. She then looked away from me and I quickly but gently grabbed her and put her down on the floor. She voiced her displeasure with me in no uncertain terms,but then comforted herself with some chicken feed,much like women who enjoy their comfort  food when they have been hurt or annoyed,such as myself. Hmmm. I never realized I would have something in common with a chicken!

Today I have the morning to myself. The boys are have made a trek to Sanford,ME. I will do dishes,laundry,and start my cukes and pumpkin seeds. The broccoli and tomatoes have sprouted well! I will need to set up a second light today and a couple of my green peppers have their second sets of leaves,so I need to put them in individual pots ASAP.It's a lovely day today,and the birds have been entertaining me with their morning songs and pretty colors. So beautiful.

Have wonderful day where ever you are!!!

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