Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Yesterday was a good day to curl up in a chair. After the housework was done and the eggs gathered,I did a bit of knitting.The day was gray,cold,and raw. It started with rain,which then became rain with snowflakes,which then became full blown snow. It snowed most of the afternoon,leaving us with about 1/2"on the ground. Rick started a a fire,and  the warmth from the logs felt good.

This morning,we awoke to find heavy fog,with the sun trying to burn it off. The sun won the battle!

The sky is blue,and sun is shining brightly. The temperatures are suppose to go up to the upper 60's today,so any left over snow will disappear. It's going to be the perfect Easter Sunday.

The menfolk have gone to throw a line in Jones Brook to see if they can catch "The Easter Trout". Brother B had spent the night at Brother Dale's,and when he came back this AM,he saw trout jumping in the brooks. So of course,they had to take advantage! We will see if they come back with anything (Fish and Game just stocked the area waterways).

Today's big Easter dinner will consist of ham,potatoes,yams,pineapple,peas,and rolls.I am going to smother the ham with homemade brown sugar. There will be mustard on the side,of course. My Mom is coming up to share it with us,which will be nice. We have a pretty Easter Lily waiting for her.

The menfolk are back,but did not have any luck. At least they were able to get outside and enjoy this beautiful morning. I will find some time today to venture to a quiet spot and do some reflection. I find more spiritual connection just being in Nature than I ever had sitting in a pew listening to a sermon. I feel a strong link with all that is around me,a heightened awareness,which brings a comforting peace.It's marvelous!

Happy Easter to you and your family,where ever on this lovely planet you may reside!

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