Monday, June 4, 2012

Dapper Zach

Friday night was Zach's first semi formal. He missed last year's because he was at an Order of the Arrow camp out earning his ordeal sash.He wasn't going to miss it this year,though! We had some good mother-son time buying him new clothes and new shoes-he's outgrown everything!

Just sharing a few photos with you:


This is Zach's friend Sarah.They "went out" from 3rd-6th grade-which basically means they thought each other was cute and went a few places with either us or Sarah's mom,such as swimming or the movies. They do make a cute couple,don't they? No romance,though...which is fine with me.Plenty of time for that! She loved her little pink rose corsage :)


  1. teeheehee... your Zach is very handsome.

    but your Rick is to die for! bahahhahahah! love always to you and yours, your friend,

  2. :) They are a couple of cuties!