Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm Still Here

Yes, I am still around,and I know I haven't been posting.It seems like I haven't had the motivation to do so. Perhaps it's because the every day just doesn't seem like it would interest anyone,or maybe it just doesn't seem interesting enough to write about .I seem to be suffering from a bit of writers block I guess.

The big news around here is that Zach has graduated 8th grade, so he is moving up to high school! Yahoo! The "Step Up" night was very nice,with speeches from the principal,the Title I teacher (who the students picked to give a speech)and the acting SAU 61 Superintendent. All were filled with great motivation,words of advice,and love for the future class of 2016.

Zach had a bit of trouble in the 3rd quarter,and missed Honor Roll by one C+.It was the first time he did not make Honor Roll or High Honors since 4th grade.However, he did very well this last term and made the Honor Roll.He also received Achievement Award for Science for the 4th qtr. We are very proud of him!

My Mom,sister Linda,and of course,Uncle B,were all there to cheer Zach on as well. Since we didn't have time that evening to have a celebratory dinner,we had it last night.Zach's favorite-my lasagna,and for dessert,an ice cream cake. 

Zach is growing so very fast,in every way.As you can see from the photo,he is now taller than I am. He is also maturing mentally.It's fabulous seeing him turn into a nice a young man.

This weekend he and Rick are going white water rafting with the Troop.It's not my cup of tea,so I am staying home. However, Rick has been several times. They are going over to Maine to raft the Dead River,which has Class IV and some Class V rapids.It should be a fun time for them.

The garden is starting to grow,and today and tomorrow are going to be near 100 degrees-yikes! A heat wave arrives the same day as the first day of summer-perfect timing,if you like 100 degree weather-which I don't :)  If the pool was up,I'd be in it today and tomorrow.The pool is going to be put up this week,though. Yesterday Rick raked out the area and today,Rick and Brother B are going to put the pool in it's proper spot,and let the sun heat it up so they can unfold it without cracking anything.

Stay cool wherever you are!


  1. Post away! It's like a diary minus all the dear diary soandso is in love with soandso stuff.

    Grats to your son on doing well in school, it's not exactly easy with all the distractions that generation has.

    Enjoy your pool. Since it's a NH pool it will be filled with leaves before you know it.

  2. Thank you,Max :) Oh yes,it doesn't take much for the leaves to get in the pool!

  3. I was so happy to see your new post. As Max said post anyway :) Even if it's a picture about a favorite flower or vegetable sprouting in the garden! Congratulations to your son how wonderful :) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. i'm with Max and prairieharmony - post whatever you want! and congrats to Zach for doing so well - you must be very proud of him!!! what a great pic of you all!

    your friend,

  5. Thank you,ladies! I will try to post more often :)

  6. Donna - Just enjoy this blog, and post when you feel up to it. But, I want you to know that there is something about you, your life and your writing, that makes it one of my favorite to read. I subscribe to a lot of blogs but only really read about 10, yours being one. For one, I've always lived in a city, so enjoy reading about your roots and enjoyment of a more rural life (and your reliance on doing things for yourself)I'm also a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan; and I've experienced the hardship of having a family member who struggled with PTSD and mental illness. It's one of those things many, many families have experienced, but everyone is ashamed to talk about. I think what I appreciate the most about your writing, is that you are all just getting on with your lives, laughing and loving, working hard, and taking great pleasure in each other's company, despite the triumphs and struggles. It's inspiring! You just can't see it from the inside. You are a pleasure. Keep it up!(without guilt, it's your blog, after all), We'll be here listening, to a voice that reflects the values of an America I want to believe in, but a voice that is uniquely you as well. Kind, practical, smart, and positive.