Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Counter top and Sink

I have been laying low the last few days with a head cold that came out of nowhere. It hit me on Thursday,which would explain why I was so darn tired in the days leading up to it. Of course,it had to hit on the day the sink and counter top were being installed,so while I was happy it was finally getting done,my happiness was dulled somewhat. We put the dogs in our bedroom while the guys were here to keep them from getting underfoot,and I couldn't wait until everything was done so I could go and lay down.

Anyhoo......after six months,our new counter top and sink are in!

You remember what it looked like before,don't you? We had new cabinet put in where the stove was,and was using a board for a top.Not pretty to look at,but it worked. Our old laminate top and basic double sink served us well,but it wasn't what we wanted.We have never lived in a home where the home reflected US . It was time to make it OUR home! (You do know I am in charge of decorating,but everything goes by The Man of The Place technically,it is our taste,right? LOL!)

We had a new bottom board put in the sink cabinet (our old one was nasty,remember?)and Brother B installed all new pipes and shut off valves. The counter top guys were here for about an hour and a half or so.The wound up having to shave about an 1/8" off of each side of the counter top,it wouldn't quite fit in the space. The counter was in two pieces,with the seam meeting under the faucet. You can't tell it's there. They did a great job. We had to install the faucet,but they set the sink up.

My first choice was a lovely white porcelain apron sink with pretty decorations on the front...until I saw it was over $1,000. Uh,better go with the second choice...this stainless steel one with a bowed front was nice and about a third of the cost. It came with a large grid that rests in the bottom of the sink to rest your dishes on. I have always wanted a goose neck faucet for filling large pots-comes in handing with stock pots or canning pots! Sorry the photo came out a bit blurry :(

Next step is to get the tin back splash up and redo the window molding...but that counter top and sink sure look pretty!

In this light,the counter top gives off a more pink look.I wanted a counter top that brought out the various colors in the room-and the tin back splash when it's put in.

In this light,you can see the counter has a beige background. I love having a counter top that runs the length of the wall! It makes the room look much larger and to me is the focal point of the kitchen. Now I have to figure out how to set the counter top up. The Menfolk have put the basics back on the counter-coffee pot and microwave. Everything else is still on our kitchen table waiting for me to feel good enough to deal with it. 

Next on the list:
-back splash
-window trim
-closet next to the fridge
-paint touch up
-see if I can make a pot hanger out of an old ladder and have it hang over the window next to the oven (see above photo)

I am very happy with the new look!


  1. Donna - you are very happy with the new look and i am very jealous - bahahahahah! it looks beautiful and i am glad that you are finally getting the "look" that you want! congrats!

    your friend,

  2. It looks great! I have to wait another year or more for my new kitchen! :( Feel better soon!

  3. Donna it is just wonderful! I am so excited for you this whole project is coming along so nicely!!! This is a huge step in the kitchen getting finished and such a major change. I am so happy for you :)

  4. What a difference! Looks amazing. Can't wait to see a few well-placed accessories. You will enjoy this kitchen so much, from what I've seen so far.

  5. Thank you ladies!!! :) (HUG)

  6. Well, it’s a smart decision that you also replaced the pipes in your kitchen sink along with the new shut off valves. That will surely make your kitchen more functional when it comes to draining water when you’re doing the dishes. I love your new sink, btw! It’s deeper and wider!

  7. That’s the kind of kitchen sink that I want to have. My husband and I are currently working on our kitchen renovation plan. We hope to achieve a beautiful project like this!