Friday, June 22, 2012

Summertime And The Livin' Is Easy

We are on day three of a heat wave here in NH. Temps have been near or at 100 degrees,with at least 60% humidity. It's been pretty brutal out there. Yesterday Zach and I met My Dear Friend Michelle and her kiddies (plus a couple of friends) up at Alton Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee. We sat in a nice shaded area on the water enjoying the cool lake breeze while the boys swam and jumped off the dock. It was a nice time for Girl Chat. I shared some of my fresh strawberries that I had picked the day before:

Our strawberries are producing the most that they have produced for the June harvest so far. We only have 25 plants,so it's not a whole lot,but enough that we can enjoy a bit of dessert or freeze some. I still have some that are in the process of ripening,so our June harvest isn't quite over yet. We will have three more harvests before the season is over. The trick is to get them before the chipmunks do !

Thankfully,this heat wave is going to wind down over the weekend and then we will get back to more normal June temperatures,though the weather this year has been anything but normal!

Tomorrow it's a bright and early day.Rick and Zach are going white water rafting with the troop,and they have to meet down in Rochester for 4:00 AM for the 3 hour + drive up to Bingham,ME. Bingham is actually where Rick's Grandfather McQuilkin (his Mom's Dad) was born and is buried. Rick spent many summers up there as a child,and we have been camping up there many times. It's a very,very small town,with just a few hundred folks. They will be rafting the Dead River,which is controlled by a dam. Thankfully,they will miss the damn surge which creates Class VI/V rapids,so they will have more manageable Class II/III,which I think is more appropriate for kids who have never been rafting before. I have to drop them off in Rochester,so me thinks I will go back to bed when I get home! They should be home between 1:00-2:00PM on Sunday afternoon. It will be a great time for them.

Today brings speech in Manchester,watering the garden,feeding the Girls,and Rick finishing his homework.

Have a fabulous day all!


  1. Donna - your strawberries are beautiful! we have wild ones growing all over our land...little, tiny ones but so sweet and juicy. we started picking and eating them the other day - it looks like we'll have them all summer - woohoo! enjoy your weekend gurl! and let us know what you'll be up to!

    your friend,

  2. This is the second blog post about strawberries I've read this morning :D It'll be a few more months before we see any. :D But I have to do a serious amount of work with them before they produce anything :D

  3. We have some patches of wild strawberries in our yard,but the lawn mower seems to take them out before we can pick anything from them but a couple of berries.Wild strawberries are quite delicious!

    @Sue-when it's lovely summer in your neck of the woods and winter here I look forward to seeing your strawberries! It will help me get through the cold :)