Thursday, November 1, 2012

Inspirational Reading

Though I don't talk about it in every post,I am still on my decluttering journey. Keeping my mind from going off into every direction at once is not easy-I struggle with it almost every minute. Even now as I type this I am thinking about a variety of things. I have to stop myself and think,"Be in the MOMENT. Be in the NOW.Focus on what is in front of you,not what is in the next few days."

I would like to share with you some of the things that I have been reading that have helped to inspire me.

The first two books are by Courtney Carver":Simple Ways To Be More With Less" and "Living In the Land of Enough". I also have her website,"Be More With Less" under my blog list. I found them to be very insightful.

The next couple of books are by Gretchen Rubin-"The Happiness Project" and "Happier At Home." Her blog,"The Happiness Project" is also on my blog list.

Since we live in a little cottage (918 sq ft) I am always interested to see how others who have small homes live with lack of space. Tammy Strobel's book,'You Can Buy Happiness ( And It's Cheap)" explores how she decided to live in (literally) a very tiny house and how she makes it work and how she loves it! She also has a blog,Tiny House.
I had hit a wall with the day to day housework jobs. It was the same old-same old,and I needed a fresh outlook. "Zen and the Art of Housekeeping" by Lauren Cassel Brownhill offered new insight into making what seems like a daily chore into something far more meaningful.

Those are some of the books that I have found inspirational and helped refresh my spirit. Even if they go further I will go,I can still glean fabulous insight and apply their ideas to our lifestyle.

What books do you find inspirational?

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!!!


  1. Wine! Wine always helps :D As much as I declutter I reclutter all over again! But hey I'm having a ball :D Books are great but at the same time have the ability to make us feel inadequate, wishing we could be like that, or live like that. Take from them what helps you but in the end it's has to be what makes you happy. As for books ...well I can't get even get through a Maeve Binchy at the moment! I have no concentration and I'm easily distra......oooh look at the pretty butterfly! :D :D

    1. These look like great inspirational reading. I'm glad you have found some books that really help you feel encouraged and are so helpful :)