Thursday, November 29, 2012

On Being 45 And Fabulous

Wow,that was a heck of a migraine! I had remnants of it right through yesterday. Ah,the joy of hormones and the fun things they do to a woman's body!

Saturday was my 45th birthday. Zach asked me how 45 felt. I replied,"It feels the same as 44",which isn't a complete lie. I don't feel different. However, my mind has been having a great conversation with it's self. It has gone something like this-

"Guess what? You're 45. Time is starting to creep up. You'd best get your butt in gear and DO what you SAY you're going to do....because you're going to drop dead of a heart attack. Then it will be too late."

"Fair enough," I responded to myself. " I don't like this feeling I'm getting."

"What feeling is that? That you might be too late? That you are doomed to wear ugly fat person clothes the rest of your life and that tire around you will keep feeling bigger and bigger?"

"Perhaps.But it's so much more than just my weight. It's life in general. I just feel like the end is coming up and there's nothing I can do about it."

"Well, there IS nothing you can do about it. Time will keep rolling along. Deal with it." Apparently one side of me cuts through the BS rather bluntly.

" Well,of COURSE I have to deal with it!" Jeez! Can't a girl get a bit of sympathy from herself? Around here,apparently not.

"You have the power within your self to make this the year of Being 45 and Fabulous! Just stick to your guns,girl. Believe in yourself. Everything will fall into place."

Hmmm. Well, I can't argue with that. I am making very good sense.

"You have lots going for yourself. Stop selling yourself short. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and BE FABULOUS!"

I can do that. I can be fabulous....hell,not can be........ I AM!  

I am 45 and Fabulous!!!!

I got some nice gifts for the beginning of my Fabulous year-

A pretty ornament and $20 from my Mom:

Sister Linda gave me a Cinnamon Stick Yankee Candle. Anything cinnamon or pumpkin spice I love. Cinnamon stick is her favorite candle scent:

Rick and Zach made me a triple layer marble cake. Zach decorated it with:
He had written in such big letters that he ran out of space for the "a" in Mumma. I thought it was quite funny.The cake was delish!                                  

Rick bought me a sapphire engagement ring:

Sorry that the photo came out blurry. Yes, I did say engagement ring. Perhaps I should say  it was a replacement ring.

We were in the VA a few months ago when I happened to look down and saw my sapphire stone was gone. When I lost it,and where,was any one's guess. Apparently a couple of prongs had broken and out came the stone. I was so upset. Rick had asked me to marry him with that ring!  The odd thing was,I had previously talked to Rick about perhaps getting a new setting/band for the ring. It was re sized after Zach was born,and that made the band very narrow and thin. 14 years later,with wear and tear,the back of the band had become rather sharp and I have actually had a couple of small cuts from it rubbing against my finger.

When we got home,I placed the sad looking ring in my cameo box and cried a bit. The new setting discussion was moot.

Then,I received this new ring for my birthday. I admit I wasn't really surprised,because that's the kind of thing that Rick does. I think I'll keep him for a while :)

So begins my Year of Being 45 and Fabulous!!!


  1. What a wonderful birthday!!! Your family made it such a special day and the gifts were lovely :) Your engagement ring is beautiful, how very thoughtful of Rick to replace it for your birthday it adds so much meaning to replace it on such a special day. I am glad you had a good day and are feeling better. I have conversations with myself that mirror yours all the time :) I need to pull up my boot straps as well and get myself in shape before the side effects make it too difficult to get back there!!! Hugs and Happy fabulous 45!!!!

  2. Thank you,Amy! Have a great day :)