Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Touch O' Snow

Last night was the coldest night so far this season. Up in the Great North Woods it went down to the single digits and below zero in some areas. Here it went down into the teens. This AM I woke up and it was lightly freezing rain/snowing.

Kings Highway looks like a white ribbon!

Three hours later,it's still snowing. The snow blows all over the road in a big cloud when vehicles go by. However,it's not going to last.Tomorrow is going to in the 50's,which will be great weather for marching in the Rochester Christmas parade.

I was hoping to get my mudroom done this year,but that is not going to happen. That's fine.It will be the first project of Spring. The pool is covered.Our septic tank is sealed,and the chickens have a light in their coop.The new chickens have started laying,on a fairly regular basis. The extension cord runs from our bedroom window to the garage,through the garage window,and into the coop where the light is plugged into it. Rick forgot that the light was on the other end of the extension cord and unplugged it in order to use it for something else,and no one noticed for about a week (the light only comes on when the sun starts to go behind the red pine trees,which is about 3:00 PM. We gather our eggs before it comes on).The chickens got mighty confused and stopped laying. I felt so bad for my Grappone Man. Grappone Man is an older gentlemen who drives a Grappone Ford truck and buys eggs from me. He stops by every other week. Well, it had been a while since I had any extra to sell,and I felt so bad for him that I gave him four eggs. It was all I had. A couple of days ago,I had just gathered eggs,got them cleaned off and put in the carton when he showed up. I had 6 in total,so I sold them for $1.00 ( I sell my eggs at $2.00/DZ).He was pleased. We have been getting eggs daily for the last few days,so I hope that continues. It kills me to have to buy eggs!!!

Soon I will have to go out into the woods and gather my greenery for decorations. And I really need to puree the rest of my sugar pumpkins.

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!!!

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