Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Going Into The Past

Yesterday I started checking out a few names on my Family Tree Maker. I wanted to see how many of Rick's ancestors took part in wars. I wound up getting involved in that and adding more names to the tree. I discovered that he had family members here earlier than I thought-his Pratt ancestor that came over on the Anne (the third ship from the Mayflower) had been thought to be the earliest. They landed in MA and worked their way up to NH. Now I find one or two were in Portsmouth before the 1620's,and one is buried in one of the oldest cemeteries  in Portsmouth. I think I wound working on this for over three hours. It's very easy to get sucked in.

I do know of a few who served before I was checking it out yesterday. He had a few that served in the French and Indian Wars.His great-great grandfather,Randal Chase,died only a few weeks after the Battle of Fredricksburg during the Civil War. Whether he died from disease (which was a big problem) or from wounds suffered in battle I don't know.He his buried in the Fredericksburg Cemetery. Another ancestor served in the Rev War and died at Valley Forge-he is a distant cousin.

The ones I did find were direct relatives-

Albert Batchelder-Gx2 grandfather-served as a PVT in Company C,NH 6th regiment,NH Volunteers, and was promoted to First Sgt. He fought in various battles in the Civil War,such as Fredericksburg,and 2nd Bull Run. 

Nathaniel West,Jr- Gx2 grandfather-served in Co I,11th Regiment,NH Volunteers in the Civil War. 

John Batchelder-Gx6 grandfather-served in the Rev War  as Pvt under Capt Moses Levitt's Co,Col Nicols Reg.He also served under Capt Clifford's Co as well as Capt Kenny Elkins.

Caleb Shaw-Gx5 grandfather-served in the Rev War as Pvt in the 2nd NH Regiment under Col Poor and fought in Trenton,Princeton,Saratoga,Monmouth,and Yorktown.

Josiah Batchelder-Gx5 grandfather-served in the Rev War

John Weare Shaw-Gx4 grandfather-War of 1812

I told Rick he should join the Sons of the American Revolution! He's got the street cred for it :)

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!


  1. Wow you really found a lot of information!!! Great job :)

  2. I just started a new blog for my genealogy info. I have been considering it for a while. :)

  3. You mentioned Pratt, there is a Pratt family in Arlington, Vermont. They own and operate Camping on the Battenkill." Any relation? Max from Texas


    P.S. I use Ancestry.com also