Monday, December 10, 2012

O Christmas Tree....

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for picking out our Christmas tree. I think it was the warmest it has ever been since we started going to the Torr Tree Farm (U Pick,We Cut) for our tree. The Torr family has a National Bicentennial Farm,which means their farm has been under the ownership of one family for 200 years. They own several acres of land,and they are a member of the NH/VT Christmas Tree Association.

We showed up just after a rush hit. There was only two other people there,and they were lucky enough to get into my camera shot. This is just a very small section of the tree farm. I would say it's at least two acres.

Our ceilings are only 8 ft high,so our trees have to be more on the small side. Zach liked this one,and he said he was willing to cut a hole in the ceiling to get it to fit. I,however,was less than enthusiastic about that idea! I told him I would take his picture in front of it instead for posterity.

We did find the perfect little tree,about 6 ft tall,nice and full. Zach and Rick trimmed the bottom branches off it so it would fit in the tree base,and they set aside what they took off so I could use them for decorating. We are going to let it sit for a couple of days to acclimate to the house. Looking at this weeks schedule,however,it looks like it won't be decorated until Friday,because Zach helps me decorate it,and he will barely be home after school all week.Tonight is Boy Scouts,and we are meeting early to fill 25 boxes with goodies that are going to Afghanistan,plus he has media club until 5:00 PM. Tomorrow he is going Christmas shopping with Uncle B,then Wednesday night he has Patrol Leader Conference,then Thursday night he has his Order of the Arrow meeting,plus he won't get out of school until 5:00 because he has his Youth To Youth (anti drug and tobacco organization) meeting. I will probably get the lights on it,at least. That is really a one person job.

While Zach and Rick set up the tree, I got the wreaths down from the attic and and put them out. Rick had to put the one on the house up,because I am too short. I did by garland this year to wrap around my plant hangers by the street and I hung red bows on them. That is new this year. You can't see the wreath on the white door to the right,because the shadows made it  too dark.

The other wreaths I hung on the French doors.

We still need to hang the lights outside. That makes it pop!

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!


  1. i can't wait to see the tree decorated! i love the wreathes on the french doors!

    your friend,

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