Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Planting In The Snow

Yesterday it snowed here in our neck of the woods-not much,just light flurries.It is our first snow sighting of the season. I was late planting our next years garlic crop,and it was rather odd planting in the garden while snowflakes fell around me. We haven't had enough cold weather to freeze the ground,or our raised beds. We covered the garlic bed up with straw,and I also covered up my strawberries for the season. 

We have begun starting the wood stove,though we don't start it up until later in the afternoon.Once the sun goes down behind our pine trees around 3:00 PM,the house starts to get chilly  ( we do have a furnace back up,but I don't like to use it much).Now that we have set our clocks back,it gets dark earlier.  To be honest,I'm not a hundred percent sure why we still use Eastern Daylight Savings Time, but I suppose it is what it is. One thing I don't like when we "fall back" at the beginning of Nov is that on the first day of winter,it's dark here around 4:00 PM. I am thankful we have a small house. It doesn't take much to heat it,especially since everything is on one floor...and sometimes we have to open the windows in the dead of winter because it gets too hot! Imagine being too hot in the dead of winter in NH!

Today is Election Day here in the States. After all the pounds of political flyers we received in the mail,hundreds of polling phone calls,and over a billion dollars spent by the political campaigns (mostly  by SuperPacs-which is the worst thing to happen to politics in years),it comes to down to the citizens.I don't get into political things here on my blog,but I do want just say that I hope everyone gets out there and votes their conscience. Here in NH,we are considered a swing state,and we have been bombarded by political ads on TV. As much as I love my state,when elections come around I wish I was not in such a watched state. The other night I counted over 20 political ads,for national and state elections in a span of less than an hour.  Many ads are the same over and over. If I made the rules,campaigns would only have  a couple of months to campaign,they would only be allowed a certain amount of donations,and candidates could be sued for libel. That would get rid of the negative ads. They could only run ads about themselves and what they would do for the country/state. Maybe some day.

Have a fabulous day on this Fabulous Planet!!!


  1. Donna - i need to get out and plant my garlic too! i am planning to do it tomorrow and thank goodness, there won't be any snow or flurries - brrrr! i agree with you about campaign ads but we don't get bombarded in Canada the way you guys do in the states...it's awful! i hope that everyone in your country votes their conscience and i hope for a good outcome.

    your friend,

  2. Thanks! I have no complaints :)

  3. I need to get busy and till the garden and expansion one more time before I start planting... Garlic might have to wait until next year. It seems I have been so busy lately doing what I could not say lol just busy. Stay warm a fire sounds so wonderful!!! Would love a small stove here but no place for one :(